Hey Love Noter,

Recently The A’s have been very keen to remind me that I create my own reality. I mean I do accept this as my basic assumption about life and yet still I forget, over and over again 😀 

Today was no exception, my morning did not go as planned! Do you have those at all? My Monday walk is how I usually start to connect with The A’s before I channel the Love Note for you all. 

Today I needed the walk to calm down, I was frustrated and sad about something and The A’s gently reminded me that I was blaming external circumstances for my experience of life and that how waiting for life to change before I did, was rather futile. 

This week’s  Love Note goes into how those of us who don’t conform to the mainstream or typical way of life or being can sometimes develop general beliefs that work against us.

The one belief I’ll be working on this week is:

“I am supported in all areas of my life”

The A’s showed me how I’m defending and lashing out about the opposite belief, how UNsupported I feel at times, and how I “blame” our culture for that.  Its not that it isn’t true, I don’t see a lot of support for people who have chosen alternative ways of living coming from mainstream. 

But that doesn’t mean it has to stay like that for me. I can access nourishing support in other ways, but while ever I am believing that’s not possible, I won’t attract events into my life that do support me. 

The A’s then showed me the timeline of when that belief was set up. They showed me a picture of myself at about 10 or 11 years I would say. I can see how it might have started then. 

I’ll be using Psych-k to input the belief that I am deeply nourished by all of the support in my life AND I am supported in all areas of my life. 

I also suspect I have some payoffs/secondary gains around this belief, judging by the self-righteous anger that currently goes with it 😉 

So here’s what The A’s have to say about it all. I’d be really interested to hear if you identify one general belief that you want to change or integrate. Support is a huge one and so you might like to join me on that. 

Here’s The A’s: 

“You are creator being. 

Today we wish to remind you of this truth, for it is so easy to look around your reality and feel powerless, dependant on your external circumstances to change before you can begin to feel the happiness and life that you desire.

Now we do not mean to diminish anyone’s pain and for some of you who are on a “road less travelled” as it were, you do need to more consciously choose the beliefs that you desire. 

You perhaps have not been “granted” the more automatic beliefs that are available for mass consciousness. 

When you choose to follow a path, a life that is different from the established constructs in your world; the education system, the corporate world, capitalism, gender, sexual orientation, then it can seem that you automatically exclude yourself or are excluded from a vast array of interventions and mechanisms that would help you to create the life that you desire. 

Life starts to feel unfair to those of you who do not conform to current establishments – to those of you who feel called to create another way.

But remember, those establishments may form laws in your system of reality, but they are not your ultimate authority. You and Source are. 

The ultimate authority in your life is Source and Source will always provide, always seeks to support, always Loves and tenders care. 

Turn your trust towards Source and create a new framework of reality.

Your beliefs create a framework for what is present in your life and what isn’t. What is possible for you and want isn’t.

Your beliefs are the blockers and allowers of experiences in your life. 
Some of the more blocking beliefs active in your reality, have been around since childhood, a lot from your time of adolescence when you were first forging your independence and identity.

For those of you here to create new ways of being and experiencing reality, a sense of being different, not being able to fit in began at the time of adolescence. And the idea here was that you were to take general beliefs and use those to create a new type of form in physical reality. 

But that did not happen for many of you, instead of feeling supported by general beliefs of :

The universe is friendly and loving.
I am fully supported
I deserve to be happy and loved.
and many more….

those general beliefs had not been formed in your mind from an early age, instead, it was taught to you that you deserve to be happy and loved IF you conformed, behaved in a certain way, achieved certain goals. 

It was taught that Love was dependant upon something you were or did, not simply because you exist.

So this week, we invite you to notice those general beliefs you carry and challenge yourself to see what you are believing is different about you which means you are excluded from the benefits of belonging to your culture.

Then see how these beliefs were first created in your early adolescence, perhaps earlier for some of you, and start to challenge them, start to choose beliefs that allow you to feel that you can benefit from the useful aspects of your society whilst still being the unique individual that you are.

Begin with the more general beliefs, use them to form an energetic framework of attraction and allow them to pull into your existence the people, circumstances, events and experiences that allow you to live more in alignment with what your heart desires. 

In Love
The Ancients. 

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