Hey Love Noters,

This flowed in after I was focusing on programing in some new beliefs. I woke this morning with strong awareness of a collection of beliefs that were creating inner conflict. Not only that, but the beliefs were leading me to create a reality that was the opposite of what I was consciously choosing for myself. 

So, as you follow this guidance from The A’s this week and great your moment, I invite you to check in with yourself as to whether what you discover is taking you in the direction of your dreams, desires and aspirations? 

And if not, what do you need to change? And most of all, whatever you discover in your moment, great it with a warm embrace as much as possible. No judgements, just gratitude for the awareness and whatever has brought you to this moment. 

Here’s The A’s…..

“Every moment is a new beginning, an opportunity to change direction, choose something new or rechoose something because you adore it.

Be that a thought, a belief, a direction in life, a state of being, a hobby or relationship.

Every moment is a precious moment of creation, your creation.

What flows from that is the rest of your life,
until a new choice is made.

Bring conscious awareness to this moment and lightly evaluate it, do you want this moment? Would you choose it again?

Is the feeling-tone of this moment nourishing to you?

All moments hold all potential.

Do you meet this moment with self love or self reproach?

We would not suggest that you hold this awareness every moment of your life, though you could.
But this week, take many moments throughout your day and meet yourself in the FIELD of love.

Each moment holds eternity within it. All that every was, has and will be is present in every Now.

Live with more awareness of what you bring to your moments.

Treat each moment as an act of Self- Love”

The Ancients
Channeled by Cara Wilde

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In Love


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