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Are You?

Birthing your life's work?

You have a new creative project, book, business or program that you are ready to develop and birth into the world. You need practical guidance on how to stay in alignment, clear blocks and stay focused on your spirituality whilst in the creative process (or even how to get going in the first place!).

Rediscovering Your Soul Purpose?

You’re smack in the middle of a major life transition, or just come through one and need support and guidance to find your way in the world again. You probalby have a sense that you are a new person but have little or no idea on your purpose, work or new calling..

In A Dark night of the Soul

You’re trying to make changes in your life or focus on your life’s work, but other areas of your life keep needing attention (or feel like they are blowing up!) and stopping your from getting any traction on your work and purpose.
Sometimes it feels like something at your very core needs to change so that life can start flowing more freely again and you can finally focus on your true work. 

You Know:

  • You want to make a difference in the world, service is really important to you.
  • You have a hunch that we really do create our own reality (even if you don’t know how!).
  • You believe that heaven on earth is possible and want to be a part of co-creating that.
  • Your spirituality is a non-negotiable. You believe in the non-physical and are willing to explore different ways of healing, clearing and working with your energy.
  • You enjoy taking responsibility for yourself and being in charge of your life.

I know you’ve tried to figure this out.

Maybe you’ve sought guidance via deep conversations with friends, tried to talk with your guides, pulled oracle cards, taken quizzes about your childhood or hoped that the answers will turn up as a sign from the universe. Whilst some of that gives you clues, it’s not bringing you the clarity that you desperately need and you are still frustrated.

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My Approach

My approach is based upon years of working with clients and my own personal experience. I know that to discover your soul purpose and experience the joy that you desire, four principles need to be in place:

Authenticity: As you release yourself from cultural conditioning, it becomes easier for your soul purpose to reveal itself and for you to live with meaning and satisfaction.

Wholeness: When you become conscious of both your light and dark shadow, you know your deepest truths, gifts and strengths.

Psycho-spiritual approach: Spirituality without psychology can become ungrounded and largely ineffective in everyday life. Psychology without spirituality can be meaningless and leave you void of a sense of purpose. By combining the two you can become deeply self-aware and transformation becomes easier.

Embodiment: When you feel truly at home in your body and physical reality, it becomes easier to stay centred, true to yourself and experience more joy.

Cara Wilde is an extraordinary Channel, and one of the most fearless and loving human beings it is my privilege to know. Words cannot express my deep gratitude for the guidance she brought through for me from the loving energy stream known as Aurora. This connection came at a time of significant personal turmoil. In our early sessions, I was able to ask any question at all, to gain the clarity on the challenges I was facing, and the soothing loving presence of Aurora brought an energy of peace and deep reassurance.

As our sessions progressed, they transformed into the most enlightening conversations imaginable, as Aurora took me to what they call the “Point of Perfect Potential”: instead of me setting the agenda, Aurora guided me into the area of work with the greatest potential for growth and progress. Sometimes our discussions were ‘high’ and at others deeply practical! At every turn I was amazed by the transformational impact of the information and energy Cara was able to allow. I am eternally grateful.

Kate Trafford

Consultant and Coach, Cruise Control for Life

Our culture teaches that our purpose is a mixture of our passions, skills, talents and abilities, yet our culture values only a small subset of those.

If your uniqueness has been smothered by an unaccepting world, deep healing is needed for your purpose to be revealed.

Once you know how to truly value your own uniqueness and individual journey, your soul purpose can rise from within and become the foundation for your life.

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Support Packages

If you’re longing to discover what’s next for your soul purpose, consider working with me through one of my programs. All the sessions are channeled sessions with you working directly with The Ancients. In between support is from me so that you can implement any guidance and really create some momentum in your life. 

One Month

  • 4 x 60 mins sessions.
  • Energy healing and communication with The Ancients.
  • Email/WhatsApp support from Cara between sessions and One Golden token (golden tokens are used to ask The Ancients a guidance question in between sessions).
  • Recording of any channeled processes used in session 

Price £750

Three Months

  • 12 x 60 mins sessions.
  • Energy healing and communication with The Ancients.
  • Email/WhatsApp support between sessions up to Three Golden Tokens.
  • Recordings of any channeled processes used.

Price £2100

Five Months

  • 20 x 60 mins sessions.
  • Energy healing and communication with The Ancients.
  • Email/WhatsApp support between sessions up to Three Golden Tokens.
  • Recordings of any channeled processes used.

Price £3000

If mentorship sounds like it might be for you, the next step is to book a free call with me.

On this call we can:


  • Have a 15 min chat if you want to find out more information and have any questions.
  • Discuss any areas you might want to focus on
  • Check if we are a good fit to work together.

The language, sounds and tones bypass the need for words and works directly on clearing any blocks in your energy system. I could feel the frequency of the tones you were using vibrating in my energy system. The Light Language seems to connect you straight to your original blueprint and the template of creation. It’s like you are working with pure light.

Olwen Jennings


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