Learn how you can work with Cara Wilde
Learn how you can work with Cara Wilde

Hey there gorgeous

There are three ways you can work with me and The Ancients
Channeled Sessions   ➢Mentorship Package   ➢ Channel Your Guide

Consult The Ancients

Save years of therapy and gain laser beam clarity in a single session.

Discover the limitations of your conditioning and rediscover your Soul’s goals for this lifetime.

Mentorship Program


Me. You. The Ancients.

All working together to birth your purpose into the world and live life on your own terms.

Channel Your Guide

Dial home, connect with your cosmic support team, receive guidance for life.

Never feel alone again.

Self paced course and support group.

Cara Wilde is an extraordinary Channel, and one of the most fearless and loving human beings it is my privilege to know. Words cannot express my deep gratitude for the guidance she brought through for me from the loving energy stream known as Aurora. This connection came at a time of significant personal turmoil. In our early sessions I was able to ask any question at all, to gain the clarity on the challenges I was facing, and the soothing loving presence of Aurora brought an energy of peace and deep reassurance.

As our sessions progressed, they transformed into the most enlightening conversations imaginable, as Aurora took me to what they call the “Point of Perfect Potential”: instead of me setting the agenda, Aurora guided me into the area of work with the greatest potential for growth and progress. Sometimes our discussions were ‘high’ and at others deeply practical! At every turn I was amazed by the transformational impact of the information and energy Cara was able to allow. I am eternally grateful.

Kate Trafford

Consultant and Coach, Cruise Control for Life

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