“You can’t nurture your creativity whilst paying attention to your inner critic’

The Ancients.

 The A’s opening line on a recent channeling session seemed obvious and genius at the same time.

Creativity is an expression of our life force energy and so won’t settle for anything less than authentic expression. Anything else, as Gill Edwards says, is slow suicide. 

For many of us that means abandoning the conditioned and safe career path and choosing something that brings us alive but risks the rejection of those around us. Mine was leaving psychology and embracing the seemingly ludicrous career of reading energy and channeling! 

“Your creativity is it’s own life force energy, and its needs nurturing but also willing into action” The A’s

We have a creative will and we need to will our creativity into action. 

This was a surprise to me. I don’t know about you but I expected my creativity to flow – constantly. For me to always feel inspired to do “the thing” if it was indeed the “right thing” for me to be doing.

I wasn’t expecting so much resistance to my life’s work. I have been in synch with my authentic work for over 8 years, but still I can hang around the edges of specific projects and not dive fully in. 

One recent example is the avoidance of channeling The A’s book. For a long time. I’ve avoided it. See if you can see yourself in this process. We are, after all, in this together. So let’s share….

I have a book nearly written, one about channeling. It hardly took anytime to write, so much of it was easy. But, I’m not putting into the world. Maybe never but certainly not yet. 


Because it’s not my real work. My real work is channeling and writing with The A’s about reality creation. They call it the living book. 

And I’ve started.

But more importantly –  I know I’ll finish it. Whether it’s good or not. I’ll finish it. And how do I know? 

Because I’ve decided.

And how did I start?

By deciding. 

By willing my creativity into action. 

Honestly, it’s that undramatic. A quiet but powerful decision to commit.

Just like I and many others stopped smoking by deciding to stop. By choosing creativity over addictions. (there are many types of addictions and I still have my own journey with some).

As I see it, our creativity is a powerful life force energy and we birth it into the world via habit. 

Sexy right? No. I agree. Not sexy at all.

Whilst I’m in my creative flow, oh it is sexy. It’s divine and glourious. Deciding to show up to it day after day, the commitment of creativity, is a whole other ball game. 

it’s messy. As is path to deciding in the first place.  That can be dramatic and take a while. Sometimes a lifetime!

On the way to meeting and living our authentic creativity, we may need to sacrifice the demands of our ego so that we can be servant to our Soul.

I choose the path of my Soul every time, but still, sometimes I can be seen kicking and screaming as my Soul grabs me by metaphorical collar and pulls me out of the woods when I’ve gotten lost. 

We need to use our will to clear the stagnant energy of our conditioned self, so the life force of our creativity can flow in our lives.

It can mean:
changing jobs or careers

leaving relationships

changing friendships

It certainly means letting go of a life that we most likely are very comfortable with, yet very suffocated by. 

And we don’t have to do it all at once. And it’s okay if it’s taking us years. It really is. A lot of people don’t even question their Soul purpose, their next creative venture. 

But I think it’s really helpful to realise, that even when you’ve glimpsed the idea of what you want to create, you still need to decide that you are going to do it. You still need to will it into action by choosing it every day.
Because of the joy and pleasure it brings into your life – as long as you listen to the creative impulses and not your inner critic. 

If, after reading this you are feeling really stuck, here’s some resources for you to consider. 

If you are truly stuck in a rut and have no clue about a new direction in your life try shaking up your routine. Choose a new route to work, move your furniture around (bonus points for sitting ON the furniture) or do anything that gives you a chance to see things from a new perspective. Old routines send your frontal lobes to sleep and we want them awake and vibrant!

Clear some clutter, maybe throw some plates at a wall as you do – if you are truly frustrated and want to move beyond it. Sift through old papers, pictures, paintings and items that keep you stuck in an old identity that you are ready to release.

Do a deep house cleanse. Clear the energy of your house with the intention of releasing thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are binding you to a past you keep repeating. Call in all the Light beings to assist you. 

Check out the writing of Stephen Pressfield. If you don’t know what your “art” is yet the read The War of Art. If you feel that you have talent but aren’t getting it out there then read Turning Pro. If you’ve already read them – read them again 😉 

Move your body regularly. Whether its HIIT, Yoga, Sex (alone or with company), walking, running – it doesn’t matter. This isn’t about exercise as such, its about freeing creative energy in your body. You know by now that running is my go to – it’s not just good for my mental health and calming my very trigger happy flight response, it also frees up my creative energy by activating various parts of my nervous system that allows my gut-heart-brain communication to flow more easily. 
You don’t need to know the science of this. And I only understand some of it! Just that ideas flow when our body’s move. Try it. 


ANY memories of teachers or peers criticising your art, creativity, talent of any kind can kindly leave your energy system now 😉 Try EFT or energy healing with your guide on a very specific memory. (If you don’t know how to clear energy blocks with your guide, you can use my pay what you can course to learn)

I don’t think this process happens once. I rekon we have at least 5 times in our lives when our creative life force, our creative projects or our Souls call us to another path. 

Once you know the language of your Soul though, it gets easier to trust it.

Well, mostly 😉 

 Decide to show up to your creative calling, even if it makes no sense what so ever. Make the decision. 

Start there.

In Love




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