Hey there,

Something a little different for you today.

This is the final episode of The way of the Sensitive podcast because the next episode will be under a new name in a slightly different format which I’m really excited about sharing with you real soon.

This episode is totally taken over by The Ancients.

Up until now, I’ve not channelled directly for the public about Covid-19. Guidance from them has largely been for my personal use, close friends and for private client sessions. They did offer a free process a few weeks ago, you can access here if you missed it. 

But, sharing a channeling from them as a kinda bridge episode from the old podcast to the new format felt appropriate.

In this channeling (set to music) they talk to:

  • Feelings and emotions you might be feeling right now and why.
  • How to navigate this time with self-compassion
  • How to soothe yourself
  • What questions might be useful for reflection
  • The availbility of an increase in focus and a profound sense of the sacredness of life.

I’ve set it to gentle music and have this idea that you might listen to it whilst on your one health outing/walk.

Don’t try hard to hear it all, make sense of it all….just let the words that want to gain your attention do their work and trust that you’ll hear what you need to and the rest will come round again if you need them.

Notice your body’s reaction to their words, what expands you, feels right to you and want you learn more about.

Rest easy and well into this channeling and all the energy of compassion that it transmits.

I hope that you are safe and well and that this channeling offers you support, soothing and inspiration.

In Love Cara