Hello everyone,

On todays episode we meet Tara Jackson author of the book Embodied – A self-care guide for sensitive souls.

Tara is a holistic wellbeing coach who works with highly sensitive people and empaths to help them with seasonal and cyclical self-care, self-love, reconnecting with themselves and being fully embodied, so they can thrive in today’s world.

And in this episode we go deep into the area of addicitve drugs and behaviours that take empaths away from their centre. 

This episode is a good one. Some of the points we cover:

  • How unprocessed grief and emotions from early childhood trauma can result in drug dependancies
  • Different types of addictions, drugs and the suprisingly cultural acceptance of some addictive behaviours over others
  • How shame around addictions can stop us from accessing support
  • Our own personal experiences with drugs and addictive behaviours – pay attention to how Tara’s reactions to the more harder drugs was different to mine.
  • why we are choosing a sober life over the wince culture in our society
  • the difference between compulsive behaviours and inspired action
  • what self care, self love and staying embodied looks like o a practical daily basis
  • The true reason for addictions
  • Food as a tool for self care over self punishment
  • what you need to know to start the changes you desire now

Tara’s website


Tara’s book

other resources mentioned:

Gabor Mate’s website.

Plus search youtube for Gabor Mate and addictions

Talk to Frank

Great resource for real life information about drugs and recovery (the anti dote to the failed 80”s UK Campaign of Just Say No)

Smart Recovery

A UK based alternative to AA with online meetings of support. 

This Naked Mind

Brilliant book about the true nature of alcohol and how freeing and joyful a sober life is. 


I’d love to know your thoughts, experiences or other tools that support your well being in this area.