Welcome to this week’s episode where I’m joined by Michelle McClintock to talk about releasing the weight of weight. 

Ah, such a rich, potent topic. I’m so passionate about this topic. 

I feel angry about the diet industry and how a women’s body can really start to feel like it belongs to everyone but her! 

In today’s episode we talk about: 

  • Michelle’s own personal journey with carrying more weight than she wanted to, what happened to cause her to question her relationship with food and decide to lose weight. 
  • What it means to work with the energy of the weight.
  • The real issue around deprivation (it’s not food). 
  • What dilemmas we, as women, face about weight loss and how to manage them 
  • How different food cravings can point to very specific emotions. 
  • The many reasons why we may decide to carry extra weight…and more….

I’d love to hear your own journeys with this topic if it feels good for you to share and any insights you found useful – I might do some follow up topics on food and weight because this is a HUGE area for many of us.


The Energy of Weight Program

Michelle McClintock is an Intuitive Coach & Pranic Healer with a mission to put women on their unique path to living a happier and more harmonious life. 

She specializes in working with women who are burnt out, stressed out and want to find joy, let go of the past, release weight, gain clarity, feel better, and finally feel free from the blocks that have been holding them back. These blocks can show up as excess weight, physical and emotional pain, relationship and career challenges, and so much more.

In her practice, she draws on her many years of healing her own disordered eating, depression, anxiety and physical pain to guide women through understanding why they are holding onto excess weight that does not respond to their efforts to release it. Healing from the inside out gets to the root cause to help women release the old thought patterns, blocks and negative energy that is holding them back from truly finding happiness and harmony; and finally releasing the weight for good.

She attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a proud member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She received her Pranic Healing training from the Pranic Healing Institute and has incorporated healing into all of her client and group programs.

In her quest to help women shift their lives after trauma, she received her Intuitive Intelligence Certification and learned how to help women experience profound healing from the effects of trauma. She believes that all women can heal and all women deserve to live a life where they feel the freedom to breath and be themselves.   

In Love

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