Today’s podcast guest is a dear friend of mine Anni Laine.

Anni is a therapeutic sound healer and on today’s podcast we discuss:

What sound therapy is and how it works

How we don’t have to search for our purpose and what to do instead when we want to live our Soul purpose for this lifetime

How sound therapy works directly on the nervous system, specifically the Vagus nerve and what that means for health and wellbeing

How sound healing leads to deep rest

How to reconnect with your body  – especially if you feel like you live from “the neck up!” 😉

and more.


About Anni

Anni Laine, Musical Mage and therapeutic sound practitioner, and helps working parents who feel drained and are looking for more space and energy for what’s really important in their lives.

She uses therapeutic music and healing sound vibrations both to help her clients regulate the nervous system and to invite them to find answers deep in themselves, as she believes we all already have what we need to release extra burdens and find our way back to joy. Anni’s passion is to guide you on your journey to access that power.

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In Love