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Today’s podcast is the first in a long time and today’s guest was an absolute blast.

Dylan Spradlin is a parenting and life coach and in today’s episode, we discussed the power of play, specifically:

  • Why adults find play so challenging and how to change that
  • How to play with younger children to teens can deepen communication and create sacred relationships
  • How to make play easier to fit into your daily lives as a parent
  • Why play is so powerful and important.

As a parent to a teen and tween, I found this conversation so, so helpful and have already started to implement some of Dylan’s ideas into our family routine.

Even if you are not in a relationship with children, or don’t think it’s a subject that is relevant for you, I encourage you to watch Dylan as she is the embodiment of play and a demonstration of how to be more at ease with ourselves.


Dylan has spent over 30 years helping families and advocating for children and healthy development. Her many roles have included  preschool teacher, birth doula, trauma therapist, and child and family play therapist, and she currently works as as a parenting and life coach to help families who are struggling with overwhelm and tension, find playful and sacred interactions together. She is an advocate of self-directed learning, risky play, allowing kids to play independently from adults in safe, unstructured environments – especially in nature. At the same time, she helps parents understand the value of playing together as a method of communication, growing trust and connection in relationships, and how to find that balance in their family. She loves Pippi Longstocking, Mermaids, Marvel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In her off time, you can find her playing on stage in the community theater.

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