If it’s summer where you are, like here, then I hope you are having the opportunity to take a good rest. 

I’m just getting back into the rhythm of work after taking some time off. I even had 2 full nights child free whilst they were away at a wedding. It was amazing what space I had in my mind, space that is usually taken up with conversations with my children, or planning for them in some way. 

Less responsibility, led to more mind space. 

That space was filled with a long solo run for a day, Downton Abbey, and some unusual house clearing which eventually lead to some significant lifestyle changes. Changes that I’ll be telling you more about, but for now let’s just say they included going sofa free, sleeping with a floor on the mattress and chucking my oven. I’m intuitively letting go of many “normal” ways of living that actually impinge my mobility and long-term well being.

Views from the road

Views from the road less traveled


The Ancients recently gave me a model, the bare bones, of the energetics of how we project ourselves into physical reality and the main areas of our lives to be concerned with in order to optimise how we navigate physical reality. I’ll be sharing more as I go along, but for now, I want to talk about creating new habits and why I’m joining my friend’s free webinar.

The A’s model is making me shift how I approach my life. I’m living in a  more whole-brained and integrated way. The A’s have brought together all that I have learned in my personal and professional life relating to living with Joy at the core of all we do and are. This is impacting how I educate my children, my approach to nutrition, body movement, presence and more. As I studied their model more I realised that I needed to create new habits in my life in order to create space for everything I wanted to focus upon.

Do you struggle with new habits?

As many of you are aware. I’m a single parent who home educates and runs this business. Both of very precious and important to me. I also have some personal goals and ambitions that are time consuming. 

Many people have cautioned me that I’m taking on a lot, that I have a lot going on and hinted that perhaps it might be too much. I’ve more than hinted this to myself, many times! Can you relate? When there are so many wonderful experiences and ways of living to choose from, where do you start?

When the shit hits the fan and overwhelm, sadness, depression or anxiety hit, how do you know when to keep going and when to quit?

Obviously, those are big questions, but a simple yet profound question for me has always been.

Is this a heartfelt dream?

If my body (not my mind) says yes, then I trust that and keep going, assuming that the resistance coming up is limiting beliefs, a need to welcome in a new level of support or something else that will reveal itself to me as I continue my journey. 

And then the question becomes. How do I fit it all in? How do I make time for everything? 

On that one, I’m still learning. 😉

But something that is vital in my success is creating regular space for the experiences I want to have and the tasks that need to be done. 


I used to really resist new habits, but my masculine, my solar masculine is more prominent in my life right now, as it seems to be for many of my clients. Now I see habits as merely a way filling time and space in physical reality with things that work for me rather than against me.

I don’t see habits as good or bad anymore. 

Merely habits that work for my joy or against it.

Am I choosing short-term pleasure over long-term joy {A good question to ask of any behaviour that feels compulsive or addictive in its nature}

It’s also crucial to ask this with a sense of curiosity and not judgement. To have a curious mind if you do choose a more addictive or compulsive behavior. What is this teaching me? What am I learning about myself? About what works for me or against me? How do I want to respond here? If I keep choosing this habit, will it take me further into my joy or further into avoidance?  What do I need to be able to respond in the way I want to?

This approach allows for the maximum flexibility of choice and movement around habits and goals. 

One of the habits I want to make time for is meditation, sitting meditation that is. My running can be a form of meditation. Channeling and connecting with The A’s is a form of meditation.

But, when I completed a mindfulness course, the seated meditation was a very different experience. Also, in my personal journey of healing trauma, I find that somatic meditation and interventions allow me to release trapped trauma sensations still held in my body and nervous systems. 

I regularly channel and talk to The A’s, I run nearly every day at the moment but I want to develop a practice that helps me to sit in my body more, to be able to gently tune into Her sensations or orientations. I know that I’m more powerful when I am grounded in my body, my truth in the moment.

So I’m really looking forward to joining my friend on her free webinar next week. I was lucky enough to meet Veronika this year via an online course. Veronika is a meditation teacher and whenever I talk to her I find it easier to be present in my body. She naturally helps me to land softly in my body. So when she started talking about wanting to share how she shifted through her own resistance to create a habit of a regular meditation practice I wanted to know more. When she talked about the four different types and approaches to meditation, I definitely wanted to know more. 

So I’m joining her next week. I’ll be there live, but if you can’t make it, it’s going to be recorded.

I know many of you want to focus on meditation, mindfulness and cultivating more presence in your life. I also think this webinar could be useful to those of you who want to cultivate a regular channeling practice too. I can’t wait to see if I can learn more about how habits are created, how to create helpful habits with more ease and grace too. 

So, if you are interested, here’s the link to sign up to the free webinar and hopefully I will see you there.
[If you don’t want to be on the video you can easily switch it off and enjoy the experience unseen but still able to have a full experience]

Click here to join

Free meditation webinar


What new habits do you want to cultivate for yourself? Leave a comment below to inspire others of what they could also do for themselves.

Hope to see you there

In love

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