Mentorship package for channeling your guide students.

 Are you a channel, or would like to channel and feel that you would benefit from some one to one support?

Maybe you want a deep and strong relationship with your guide but you’re struggling to trust that you’re doing this channeling thing right or even have a connection in the first place!


Or maybe you have that connection for yourself but don’t know where to start channeling for others. You definately want to but are slightly terrified at the prospect of trying!



Whether you want to channel informally or bring it into your work, you want a safe space to practice and expert advice on your next steps.



 If you are a student of my course,  you’ve most likely gone through the course step by step, or had a go at some of it and then got frustrated. Either way your most likely thinking about mentorship because you haven’t been able to achieve the results you were wanting on your own.

You might be thinking that means either you haven’t connected with a guide at all, or the right guide, or you are making it up or just not cut out to channel.


Most likely, none of that is true.


When people start working with me after trying at least some of the course, they’ve usually got a connection they just don’t trust it. Or more likely, they don’t trust themselves.

And if you’ve tried this on your own, without my course or using someone else’s, then the issues tend to be the same. 

When we are struggling to channel, we tend to think it’s because we aren’t good enough.

What’s more likely going on is that you need more practice, support and guidance to know how to tell when you are really channeling, and help deciding how to best use channeling in your life or work.

You probably need to channel for someone else in order to experience the somatics of your channeling.

The type of channeling I teach is a full body experience, that’s the beauty of it.

I call it embodied channeling. It’s the most grounding practice I have. If you are stuck in your head with your connection, then you aren’t going to trust what you bring through.

It’s as simple as that.


And that first step of expressing your channeled wisdom can be scary and overwhelming. It tends to be an emotional experience, because we aren’t used to feeling the quality of love that we experience from the non physical. We don’t feel worthy and then we question it, resist it or minimise it.

Then when it comes to offering guideance for others, or channeling for ourselves, that mistrust or seed of doubt has already been planted.

But it can change, and quite easily in most cases. Most people simply need a hand to hold as they travel over the first few bumps in their channeling practice. 

Someone who believes in this profession, their ability and also can feel the energies of their guide and their own resistance.

After over 13 years of being a professional channel and mentor to many, I believe I developed an ability to gently and firmly guide people on how to channel for themselves and professional. And more importantly, for them to have the confidence and pride in their own abilities  as a channel.



What to expect if we work together


I adapt the mentorship to suit your needs and soon after signing up you’ll receive a set of questions so I can best understand your needs and goals with your channeling (you can reply via email or voxer). I also have principles I work to, so I’ll be also making sure that we cover these steps:


  •  you confident that you are channeling a high level guide and one who you feel utterly safe with
  • Understand the importance of the energy blending aspect of channeling and help you ground those higher energies in your body and life. 
  • If you want to bring channeling into your work we make sure you feel competent in your channeling for others. We can spend some time here to get you as confident as possible, that you are ready to take on customers if that’s your desire. 


  • once those basics are covered we can play with roaming around other dimensions and lifetimes if you want! But four weeks is not a huge amount of time so I like to let people know up front what basics I’d be covering first.

What we cover

  • Practice for your blending and channeling skills live in calls with me. Especially good for when you are struggling to know if you are connected to a guide for real or not. A lot of times, I see and hear students guides before we even start and I can definately tell when someone is connected to a high level guide. 
  • Managing personal issues that come to the surface once the blending begins or as your relationship with your guide deepens. This is important.  When you start to feel the level of unconditional love that a guide has for you, and especially if you are going to be using channeling as a personal and spiritual development tool, strong emotions can come up. Most of the time we can support your process through this mentorship. Sometimes people have needed to get additional support for this aspect. I want the mentorship to be focused  on your proficiency as a channel, and whilst I can support you, we won’t have the capacity to deal with something that’s significant. I’ll be honest this is rare. But I wanted you to know that sometimes surprising things come to the surface and you may need to resolve that issue separately.

  • As I offer in between support, you can really benefit from being able to share channeled messages that you receive (either verbally or written) or challenges as they arrive in the moment so that you can really make the most of our month together.
  • Professional development – how to integrate channeling with other modalities you currently offer in your practice/ business. Professional development is separate from business coaching. I can give you the basics of business if you are just getting started but professional development is more about navigating client work, growing as a channel and being comfortable channeling for a living. 
  • If I experience your channeling (either verbally or written) and we have worked together in this mentorship relationship then I do also offer a free certificate of completion for channeling for you to add to your professional portfolio.
 Those are the areas that we can cover, the specifics will be up to you and how you want to make the most use of our time together. We can gain clarity on that once you sign up and start the process.

Who this isn’t for


Channeling works best when the process is a full bodied experience and not experienced as just a mental process. It’s not about knowing which voice to listen to. Or, that’s not all of it. I tend to offer these guidelines for when channeling is not a good fit:

If you have significant mental health challenges. This process tends to work best when you are generally emotionally stable. I know since the pandemic began there’s generally more anxiety and confusion, that’s fine. But say, if you are feeling too anxious to leave your house a lot of the time, or you’re experiencing a depressive episode etc, then it’s best to wait until you’ve got some support with that first. If that is you and you’d like signposting to more appropriate support feel free to email

If you are just curious about channeling and not sure if you really believe in guides. In that case I’d suggest that you stick with working through a course. In a mentorship my assumption is that you want to become the most proficient channel you can be and I’ll jump right in! That won’t suit your needs at all.


How we’ll meet and work together.


The package includes:


  • 4 x 60min zoom calls.
  • In between support via WhatsApp or Voxer and/or email.  A lot of students find communicating via audio really helpful. We can talk about levels of in between support once I know your preferred method of communication – I do tend to get a bit excited about how it’s all going for my mentorship clients and love to hear about all of it!! 
    The real time, in between session support seems to be particularly powerful and helps students to both build confidence in their skills and deal with blocks that come up quite swiftly.
  • Access to videos/resources for your spiritual development as appropriate.

Because I’m an empath, read energy and channel The A’s once we start your mentorship you are kinda in my energy field. It’s a bit hard to find the words, but I get downloads, spontaneous hits/guidance about areas that are seemingly outside of what we’ve agreed to focus on but are totally relevant from the bigger picture of your spiritual growth. I can’t guarente how this might show up, but it’s worth you knowing in advance.

If this kind of spontaneity excites you then you will enjoy our working together!

The calls need to be taken within a calendar month. 

Price £697

A little more about me.

Sometimes, knowing more about my professional background is helpful for people so here are the hight lights:

Professional channel for the past 13 years.
Trained CBT Drugs and Alcohol Counsellor
Reiki Master Teacher (Usui and Temeri)
EFT Practitioner (Advanced)
TAT Practitioner
Psych-K Practitioner (Basic)
Trauma Educated
NLP Educated
Trained and supervised new counsellors.

Had a spiritual practice and business for over 16 years.
Previously worked in the areas of HIV, Domestic Violence and Alcohol Dependency

 Personal Quirks

Woo is my normal.
I like to hang about in Stone Circles, hike the moors and swim all year round. 
David Tennant is THE Dr Who. 
Outlanders got me through lockdown one 😉 

How to get started. 
If discovery calls make you want to hide or you just prefer to get going, you can DM me from this page.

I know that for some of us, discovery calls make our blood run cold. If that’s you feel free to message me on Voxer (wildnewworld) or here on the chat webpage. We can sort all the details out by text/audio. Very happy to do that – and it’s quicker!)

From Cara, I have learnt that soul work can be deep without being heavy, and that joy is always an option. Cara sees you. She sees you the way Source sees you – with the kind of unconditional love, raw tenderness and humorous acceptance that enables you to see yourself the same way. She sees through the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck. She sees past the wounds you’ve carried so long you don’t even realise that they’re holding you back. She sees you; the very essence of who you are and why you’re here.

Cara’s huge heart and brilliant therapeutic mind give her a laser sharp ability to see through your patterns, show you what’s out of alignment and reconnect you with your true power and authenticity. Have you any idea how powerful and humbling that is? Deeply so. Cara’s channelled messages are touchstones that I return to again and again to see the bigger picture when I get stuck in thinking small. Whenever I feel doubting, lost or uncertain Cara guides me (laughingly) back to love. Work with Cara and expect to feel truly seen, deeply loved, powerful, radiant and capable of life-changing miracles.

Jackie Stewart

Soul Seer, Flower Spirit