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There’s a lot of free information and resources on this site so, to help you not get lost down a rabbit hole, here’s some ideas to start with:

High Vibe Me - Start your day with confidence and blissful radiance

High Vibe Me

I created this for myself when I wanted to honour my authentic feelings and at the same time focus on starting my day empowered.
I wanted something I could use in the morning, whatever emotional state I woke up in! Especially for those times when I didn’t wake up a ball of Joy! What ever your vibrational or emotional state, this recording is designed to align your energies into a clear, focused and centred state.

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Core Tone Frequency

Have you ever wondered what vibration you are actually imprinting in physical reality? Aurora calls it our Core Tone Frequency. It’s our habitual emotional state that we tend to gravitate towards and provides the foundation tone of the reality we are creating.

This process is very useful if you’re practiced at sensing your energy but maybe out of touch with how you are really feeling. Read more about how your reality is impacted by your Core Tone Frequency here

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Your Core Tone Frquency - a channeled process from Aurora
The steps to Forgiveness - a channeled process from Aurora

The gift of Forgiveness

A must for anyone on a spiritual path, forgiveness is often misunderstood and seen as a single act. In this informative and truly beautiful channeled piece Aurora teaches us that forgiveness, rather than being a single act, is a process with specific steps.

Included is a process to support you in forgiving someone in your life. As Aurora shows us, forgiveness is the gift that keeps giving.

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Channeled audios

Aurora - The future of humanity?

The Future of Humanity?

I have an audio for you today. A channeled message from Aurora. I’m quite embarrassed by something that came up during the channeling. I had sat down to channel a process for the Channel Your Guide Program and Aurora came through with this first. They had more…

How sensitives stay centered and balanced

How sensitives stay centered and balanced

Listen to this free channeling from Aurora on how, as sensitives, we can manage the chaotic energies of change that are happening in the field right now. Aurora talks of the importance of curiosity, prioritising Self and, at 30 minutes in, they guide us more…

Conversation with Aurora Series – What am I here to do?

Conversation with Aurora Series – What am I here to do?

Hey gorgeous A while ago a friend and I got together over Skype to ask Aurora some BIG LIFE questions. Talking with Aurora is a bliss-trip and I’ve finally got around to turning the couple of hours conversation into short audio clips for you. I’ve set them more…

Achieving Your Soul’s Goals

Why your uniqueness is part of the global solution

Why your uniqueness is part of the global solution

Hey there, A short vlog from me today about why we need your authenticity. Learn a powerful belief about how you fit into the divine plan. Plus learn how to cultivate your courage when fear of vulnerability and being rejected stops you from sharing your uniqueness with. more…

How to meet your authentic needs

How to meet your authentic needs

Hey Gorgeous How are you doing as we transition from one season to the next. I always try to stubbornly hold on to summer and I’m trying to embrace the drop in temperature by enjoying snuggly jumpers! I have a need to keep warm. I love Source, I ever told you more…

How to recognise your Soul’s goals for you

How to recognise your Soul’s goals for you

Hey fellow adventurer So today I talk about: how to recognise a soul’s goal why its important to know the difference between a Soul’s goal and conditioned goals how the journey to actualising those goals might be and feel, including just why it night not more…


I’m  just like you and a student of The Ancients, trying to implement their guidance and teachings into my life. Sometimes I stumble along the path and need to pick myself up and dust myself down before I continue.

If your version of a Heaven on Earth is perfection, you might not be in the right place, but if you love the messiness of life and enjoy rich conversations then pull up a chair and lets get talking.


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