Hey Questers,

Today’s Quester question to Aurora is on a topic I know that many clients have struggled with.

How to live the principle that we are all one, whilst also honouring our own uniqueness. Aurora explores the practical how’s and then goes on to describe how the principles of oneness can bind us to a field of love and give us a secure foundation for allowing diversity.

The specific question is:

“How much of us is a separate individual and how much are we are all one”

Aurora, always grounded, focuses on the application of this spiritual theory by exploring it’s practical use in our daily lives.

It’s about 14 mins long. There’s no formal ending as Ian and I channeled the questions whilst we were holding a personal session and Aurora goes onto answering our more personal questions.

In the audio Aurora covers the following points:

  • That non physical sends seeds of information into physical reality in order to support our human experience and that we all have an opportunity to become a portal and spokesperson for that information.
  • what common needs and desires we all share
  • why looking for differences is a sign of fear
  • how to connect with others through love not fear
  • How compassion and kindness is key to the future of humanity being able to live in unity


For me, Aurora really gets into their groove on this topic around 10 mins. As a channel it was blissful to experience and I developed a new understanding of the meaning of unity and how to live that truth in everyday life (one of the perks of being a channel 😉


Click here to hear the audio.



Cara Wilde

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