Who is Your Authority?

and how would your life change if Source becomes your true and only authority? 

That’s the question I asked The A’s. 

Do you have authority issues? (like most of the population!) 

Do you shift between being overly compliant or overly defiant towards anyone or anything that you deem to hold power over you? 

Authority issues can be really confusing, in that they just don’t make rational sense. Especially if you have a history of trauma. To go into real depth about why it can be so confusing is beyond the scope of what I want to share with you in today’s blog post.

But, in the briefest of explanations, experiences that tend to contribute towards extreme reactions to authority are stored as implicit memories which means we don’t experience them as conscious memories but rather feelings and sensations. 

 They are “felt” memories rather than “thought” memories. They feel as though they are happening now, because as far as your nervous system is, they are. That’s when we tend to say that we have been “triggered” 

We are automatically recalling old feelings associated with authority figures.

Psychologically speaking, healing these memories needs to happen in a right-brained way. In the trauma field, this is known as tracking the sensations and feelings of the body and is the basis of Peter Levine’s work Somatic Experiencing.

Trauma resolution through somatic experiencing is an exciting field which much potential. Of course, EFT is incredibly useful for working at this unconscious level of memory too.

Those of us with authority issues tend to have a fear of punishment. Aurora had already explained that guilt is the only “Allower of attack” and how I understand that now is that self-approval is the ultimate protection in physical reality. 


And here’s where it gets really interesting


As we are a creative being and we create our own reality. What would it be like if we didn’t view the people in our lives who have power over us as our authority? 

What if we lived our lives as though Source was our real authority?

If alignment was everything. If alignment is the true power in physical reality, then where does morality fit into that? Integrity? Could we “get away” with anything?? 😉 

So, I asked The A’s. Here’s the transcript of what they said

{August 2018}

The As: Alright, greetings! It is a pleasure to be here.

Guest: Hello!

The As: So, the ladder of authority, that’s how we will describe it, starts with the idea that you are the authority of your life. When you are the authority in your life, you understand that you have the ability to respond to any life circumstances, through your choices, decisions and responses, in an empowered way which means that you are always in charge of the reality that is already unfolding.

So, from that more psychological point of view, you are always your own authority, and it might take some effort to get there, but it is easy to understand in your current reality, that you are the authority of your own experience.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So, no matter what others think of you, what you think of you, ultimately is in charge of… let’s say this differently. Everything that everybody is wanting is so that they can feel a certain way.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So everybody wants to ultimately experience their connection with source energy, and to feel that unconditional love. That is what everybody is journeying here for. In your physical reality, you think it comes through stuff. But in reality, everybody is ultimately requesting and asking for a connection with Source energy.

In your physical reality the closest that you can get to that internally so that you do feel like an authority on your own life, is your feeling state of self-appreciation. So, no matter what anybody else thinks of me I am allowed to believe that I am a good and decent person. I am allowed to support myself, I am allowed to care for myself and I am allowed to think positive thoughts about myself.

Even if I have committed the most heinous crime, as would be defined by your society, you still have the ultimate freedom of being able to choose your thoughts, you don’t have to be a prisoner in your mind, that’s the ultimate freedom is it not, yes?

Guest: Yes, indeed.

The As: And the gift… so, the gift of physical reality is your thoughts create your experience, your thoughts create the chemical reactions that you have in your body, that you call emotions, yes?

Guest: Yes.

The As: So, from that thought perspective you are your ultimate authority when you think that what you ultimately want to experience in life is your feelings state, wherever you are. So, you can be in a palace and still feel like you are in a prison, you can be in a prison and feel like you are in a place.

Guest: Yes.

The As: And that’s… that can be challenging enough to comprehend in your physical reality as it is created right now, because there is so much attachment to the idea that the house will bring you the worth, yes? Or, the holiday will bring you the worth, or that people’s opinions are what brings you a sense of worth: if you are in a good standing or status in your physical reality, then that’s how you are going to feel good about yourself, that is how you are going to approve of yourself – through social approval. Collective approval.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So, the first step is switching from external approval to internal approval, which is a journey of its own, but that’s what we see as the first step of this source becoming the ultimate authority. So that, {Guest}, for you, would be putting your soul in charge.

Guest: Yes.

The As: The first step of putting your soul in charge, does that resonate with you?

Guest: Definitely.

The As: And we would suggest that the conversations that you and Cara have together help you be able to shore up that ability for both of you.

{personal dialogue}

The As: So, the approval of each other that you feel, combined with…so, you already approve of each other, yes? And, that’s an interesting word to use, but you approve of another conversation may be to look at the word “approval” as a foundation in life, but, for now, you approve of each other’s existence, you already celebrate that and so the idea of being mistaken, or having faults, doesn’t even enter into the equation for either of you, not for very long, if at all, yes?

Guest: Mm!

The As: And so, you are a mirror of appreciation for each other, And it feels good!!

Guest: Yes.

The As: As you are developing the capacity for self-appreciation, appreciation for each other is how you help each other along. In the doing of that for each other, in that mutual appreciation and approval, you are creating a state that allows another source of wisdom to flow through.

So, initially, it begins with all that you have learned from the all the books that are already in physical reality, yes? That knowledge is already in existence, that’s already been created, you know, all the wisdom that’s around, so, all the conversations are nourishing on that level.

But, as you flow into that self-appreciation state, regardless of the physical reality that’s surrounding when that is the foundation, anything that happens in your physical reality on top of that must be beneficial in some way, you see where we are going a little with this? So, that state is already created which can then allow for more information that can flow in, which is outside of your programmed reality.

That’s what Esther does, she allows herself to experience information outside of what has already been programmed and when source energy is the authority, or when source starts to become the authority, you have taken a step outside of the set, outside of the reality that has been programmed.

Guest: That makes sense.

The As: And it is very easy to start putting source as the authority once you have become at the periphery of that programme, it is not law. You don’t see the manmade constructs as the law, you really understand that there is a different law at play, but you have got to spend a lot of time {laughing} in self-approval to begin to make that shift.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So, we might be losing…let’s just plug back into the original question.

So, if source energy was the authority, you would begin to plug into a different set of rhythms, not just laws, but rhythms.

So, say, loving impulses. You have those as a result of being plugged into the rhythm of source energy, and how the law really works, how things really work, and the cardio-rhythms;

The more that you can pull away from this linear imprinting of certain things happening on certain days. So sometimes the washing used to happen on a Tuesday, yes? {laughing} Not when the impulse arose, and it would have been ridiculous to do it when the impulse arose, because of the mechanics that were needed in other areas of life; but as you begin to pull back from this imprinting of the Gregorian calendar, and to begin to connect with the rhythms of impulses, the rhythms of impulses, the rhythms of impulses…you will be more efficient.

But, it also creates space for you to receive information from your true self, or source energy, or whatever you want to call it, from that fabric of information, that knows the quickest route to where you want to be. This is always efficient yes?

Guest: Yes.

The As: So putting source as the authority of your life, doesn’t necessarily…it is a different kind of authority. So, it is the biggest authority, the pathways to the biggest joy, to the most efficient experience of that which you wish to co-create. The inspiration that would come through would result in the action that would lead to the greatest contribution to the whole, it would lead to more freedom and less oppression for everyone.

So, it wouldn’t lead to a rebellion, it is not the opposite of the authority that you can feel constrained with, you will transcend that polarity. So, sometimes you think if source was your ultimate authority you would just be able to (in Cara’s language) “get away with all sorts”, yes? {guest: laughing} And that’s true, that’s true, but that is still dealing with “the good cop, bad cop” duality.

Guest: Yes.

The As: But, a more holistic way of looking at it would be, if Source is the true authority, you would just be on the quickest route to joy for the benefit of the whole collective.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So that taps into your idea, (guest), of allowing yourself to not feel guilty,(personal info about a situation involving another)  Because that was perfect for their expression, at that time whatever it was, and possibly made way for an aha moment or something, so it is efficiency, source allows for efficiency. So, if Cara, for example, was to think about following an impulse to doing her daughter’s bedroom this afternoon, that would be the most efficient way of answering her monetary question, because that’s the biggest question going on in her life right now.

Guest: Yes.

The A’s : So, source as your authority allows for solutions that are always the quickest path to answering the question that the heart-field is offering right now; and the heart-field is always aligned with true authentic dreams and desires, yes?

And you don’t even need be consciously aware of what those dreams are,  until you are ready to take action on them, if you were just to learn to tap into this… allowing true self to be the authority would be the quickest way to get your answers.

And there is an energetic…there is a structure that allows that to be possible, there is what you would call a science that backs that up, that you haven’t yet tapped into, but there is an…energetic is not quite the right word, but it is the best that we have got available, but there is an energetic framework that supports the allowing of this.

So, the heart-field, the gut-brain, they are the two most significant aspects of your reality, and then the mind picks up the information that then is supposed to be used to programme the framework that houses those two intelligences. Now, that is a big piece of work there, for us to channel, yes? There is… {pause}

{Cara: Just bear with me (guest), because I am getting a download, I need to…about the vagus nerve and all that kind of stuff}

Guest: And the gut-biome, absolutely, go for it…

The As: So the thoughts and the beliefs are supposed to be the framework, they act as your boundaries, all right, in physical reality. What’s possible for you, what’s not possible for you. What’s possible in life, what’s not possible in life. But they are your… (augh the duality of your language!) They are the strength, they are the strongest aspects of you once it comes to programming, and setting the intention and working with thoughts and what you want to create once there is the knowing of that, but they are the weakest, it’s the weakest aspect of you, because if you just relied on thoughts, then you can’t take a step out of the programme that has already been created by people-kind and step into what’s possible, what’s outside the set that has already been created.

So those moments of inspiration and ahas, what if I could run a four-minute mile or break that limitation…yes? They didn’t come in studying the books that had already been created, that came in a moment of reflection and allowing source energy to flow through.

Guest : Yes.

The As: So, it is imperative to make source the authority, because source has all of the potential of what’s possible to be created. And, automatically, that source energy connects with the heart-field of the true desire of this unique individual that is within the matrix right now, to offer their unique imprint, so what you might call your ‘soul blueprint’.

So, source is always working in tangent with that, and in alignment with that, you don’t even have to know what it is consciously, because source knows, and it is taught through that heart-field, which then creates a movement of possibility within the gut and the instincts and the reactions and the knowing and the ahas. And, being in the right place at the right time, being able to take swift action and then becomes the understanding and awareness of what wants to be created next and then the thoughts are: right, I need to consciously choose these thoughts, in order to allow myself to have the experience in physical reality that my energetic framework, blueprint, whatever word you want to call it, is here to do the mechanics of it.

Guest: Yes.

The As: All right. So approval, approval of self; if you approve of yourself, do you not have strong boundaries?

Guest: Yes.

The As: Does that not give you ultimate protection in physical reality?

Guest: Yes.

The As: And then that creates the state of you being the ultimate authority in your life…now if you stopped there you would just be an ego maniac, or potentially it is there, that’s when you can be ruthless, yes? So, that can be called the positive ego, yes? It is required and needed, and a lot of the work that needs to be done in both your and Cara’s life, yes?

Guest: Yes.

The As: So if source is the authority, self-approval is a given, because the worth is intact, it is known, yes?

Guest: Yes.

The As: But then any action is always based on community, collaboration, connectivity, because everything that is all of the…everything that is in existence is part of the collective whole, and everything must benefit from every action taken when it is in alignment with source energy.

There is no fighting for self when source is the authority — there is no need. There is no desire, obliteration of self is welcomed, but doesn’t occur at the same time, because in physical reality there is the threat of the ego being obliterated, there is a threat of death, of not being significant, you know, fighting for significance, fighting for significance…but when you are in touch with that source energy, everything is.

There is no idea of significance or insignificance; there is not, that concept cannot exist. And so, so for example your dream is Cara’s dream, and she will put in as much effort to allow your dream to come to fruition as she would do her own, because every dream is part of the collective solution, is part of the solution that the collective is calling for, so every individual is significant.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So every individual is significant. So, it becomes imperative to follow the loving impulses on a day-to-day basis, because you never know who you might be able to help, and support, and help to build this collective vision of that which you desire as a whole, but which also serves you as an individual – it can’t not.

Guest: Yes.

The As: There is no sense of separation, none. And there is not even a need to know what the collective vision is, because there is a trust unfolding, there is a trust in the unfolding that the unfolding is always moving more and more and more into love… more into love, that’s inevitable. So the destination is inevitable, what you are wanting, and what source energy is holding the template for, or the way that source is allowing that journey to unfold (because they are at the destination and in the journey at the same time). What they are holding is the journey of joy and bliss and within that is the choice of not joining them, does that make sense? So, of being in fear.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So if you were source energy on a moment-by-moment basis as you were journeying through life, your tendency is to be externally focussed, because your senses demand that of you.

Guest: Right.

The As: To look at people you may walk into buildings if you are not keeping your eyes open, yes? {guest: laughing} So everything is externally referenced for you by your senses in that way of taking in information.

Guest: Yes.

The As: But that which your senses are showing you is a result of your internal state, yes? So living with the awareness that it is the opposite way around, you know, you think you are taking in information from your external viewing and being stimulated. It is the other way round!

It is that your internal, framework is projecting what you are perceiving, so that you can then best assess your internal framework. So that if you don’t have that awareness you are just stuck in a loop of re-creating that which you have created.

Guest: Yes.

The As: So to put source as the authority of your life you have to make time to remind yourself that you are the creator of that which you are experiencing and not just the receptor of that which you are experiencing.

Guest: Yes.

The As: And if you were to allow source to be the authority then you would be more aware in your moment-to-moment experience that you are in illusion. So, ultimately, what we are journeying towards, with you and your collective, is a remembering (because we have been here before); is a standing in the presence of dictating your reality, as it were, moment-by-moment.

And not moving, {laughing} figuratively and practically, but not moving until you are in alignment in each moment, in each moment, in each moment, in each moment…the quickest path for solutions. And, the biggest piece that your collective is working with now to create a new foundation of allowing that to be true, of that experience to be the truth, is unravelling shame.

Guest: Yes.

The As: That is what has been demonised. It is the energy of shame, which is the ultimate separation from source energy. It is where all your ideas of hell, and the devil, your Bible – the energy of shame is where all that information was born, people wrote when they were in shame, they channeled when they were in shame, they brought through information that served shame, as it were. And that started so long ago, that in your human history there has been moments of catastrophe, moments of calamity, moments of war, moments of grave injustice, moments of the Trump presidency, which have been catalysts for understanding and unravelling the shame story even more, yes? So each of those significant catastrophes have been opportunities to shake humanity free from the shackles of shame, it has just turned up in different stories.

Guest: Yes.

The As: All right so there are many different directions that we can go from here and we are all aware of time, so just want to press pause there. All right, in love and peace for now, we bid you farewell.

Guest: Thank you so much!

End of transcript

So, this was a rich and multilayered channeling for me. I’d love to hear any a-ha’s or takeaways you have about the power of self-approval and living with Source as your ultimate authority. Either post below or email me privately at cara@carawilde.com

In Love

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