Solstice Summerlands

I was out walking and thinking about a podcast episode when this channeling landed. Maybe it was the land that inspired the connection, but I was ill prepared tech wise, and there was too much wind noise interference  for me to offer you this channeling in audio.

I would have prefered that but I want you to have it anyway.

I’m calling it The Call of the Solstice Summerlands.


When The A’s first started talking about the Summerlands, I automatically thought of the Wiccan/Pagan theory of the sumerlands as the place where Souls go to rest in between physical incarnations. 

I did briefly wonder if this was The A’s way of telling me I was going to cark it soon 😉 but as I listened to the message it became clear they meant about creating something new in physical reality. 

They also use the word eclipse in an interesting way. Those of you more familiar with astrology than I am might have a different take on what they mean than I do. 
I’m not going to share my interpretation of the channeling because I have a sense that it’s a deeply personal one. 

So my invitation is to read it and notice how the words land in your body, what image and visions are evoked, what truths you’ve always know but had forgotten are you reminded of. 

As always, take what’s yours and leave the rest. 

 “Greetings, it is our intention to convey to you the significance and importance of this portal of alignment that you would call your Solstice.

 We do wish to convey the importance of this portal in terms of the Summerlands. Let us address that.

There is, always has been, and always will be a new joy that is waiting for you. Wherever you are in your journey, no matter how much joy you believe you can experience. There is always more. Not many of you struggle to believe that that is always more fear. {laughter} There is an abundance of fear and terror and despair.

You don’t have any problem believing that, but somehow the belief in more Joy, is more difficult and we understand, and yet still, this is not true.

There is always an unending capacity of expansion into more Joy because the components of Joy are complex, but we can sum them up simply in that joy is a mixture of standing firm in your now, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be in order to get to where you want to be and that you don’t ever move anywhere.

You shift your reality around you.

What your senses begin to tune into is a different reality that’s available to you right now where you are standing.

Your focus of intention, your willingness to see and experience magic, awe, beauty and wonder. You’re willingness to experience those qualities now, where you stand

-there is vulnerability in that willingness

because, wherever there is Love, there is a fear of loss

and when you open up your willingness to believe and see awe and wonder and beauty, you are actually opening yourself up to love. And when you open yourself up to love, to start with you immediately fear loss and your mind looks around for where that loss can occur.. .

For some of you it will be,

 a fear of loss around your children, do you need to keep an eye on them?

For others the focus maybe on work, will you still work as hard or will you lose your work? Will people take you seriously?

It’s a fear of loss, of status, of social approval. Where ever there is a willingness to open to love, to open to awe and magic, there is a vulnerability and that vulnerability is a fear of loss.

Many of you who are reading to this, have a great capacity to Love,

So, where ever you are standing right now.

 Stop and be willing to see the awe, wonder and beauty of the moment. In your life right now.

Because that’s the natural, under current of the nature of reality and it will begin to come into your life..

and you will be able to start seeing your reality differently. Start perceiving it differently.

it is in the small acts of observation that the greatest shifts can occur . And then it’s a case of acclimatising yourself to it gently, gently. And you begin to develop a foundation of trust. And you may think we mean a trust in life and a trust in “stuff” showing up, but actually it’s developing the trust in your ability to perceive it, to find it, to see it. To be resonance with it. It’s the trust in yourself that you are building

And so, it is the greatest of pleasure to tell you that this is the natural flow and nature of your reality, where, when you let go of resistance then the natural goodness of life can be revealed to you. It’s actually harder for you to create disaster and despair because you have to remember the lies about the nature of reality.

 But as a race and perhaps as individuals, you are just more accustomed to the lies, they are just more believable. Not because you’re seeing it around you, but because you’ve been believing it for a long time as a race, but perhaps not as long as you might think. For those of you who know you are sensitive to energies and you are willing to explore your relationship with solstice energies,  this is our invitation to you.

Allow yourself to stand in this eclipse;

because what the Summerlands and this portal will do, if you stand in it’s light, will help you to eclipse, to block out the lies for awhile. For a fortnight to block out the lies, the despair, the woe. Dive into the energies of the portal , let yourself be bathed in this light of awe and wonder and beauty.

Just be willing to set that intention and it will recalibrate some of your DNA and your cellular structure. Some of you may want to create rituals. 

For some of you it will be enough to hold the intention lightly as you go through your days, that you will allow yourself to absorb all the Summerlands of this Solstice, the energies of the Summerlands that’s always been possible. It’s just that collectively you are more aligned right now, with what’s possible.

 And don’t take it too seriously let it in, let it go and then lightly notice and you may want to set a ritual at the beginning and the end of your day, just as a reminder. Because this reality can be noisy and distracting. 

Be the portal for this energy into your own life and for those you come into contact with into your family.

Because you your positive ego is how to navigate this wonderful world with which you find yourself in. A world full of possibilities, and you are just beginning to glimpse the wonder of who you truly are. Your positive ego allows you to navigate this wonderful world that you find yourself in. A world full of possibilities and wondrous experiences. A world that has a great capacity for generating ideas and beliefs and thought forms.

You are the creator of your reality, the creator of your world. Go enjoy and enjoy it, as much as you can. Right now. And right now. And right now. 

In Love and peace for now we bid you farewell.

The Ancients
Channeled by Cara Wilde. 

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