“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life fooooooor me. Yeah….” [insert Nina Simone here, in fact she is below, you might want to as you read along. She joined me in the background as I wrote.]

This is a long one guys 😉

End of Year Review anyone?!?! (I nearly wrote “end of life review” -that’s a whole other email 😉 !) I mean isn’t this end of year different? This Christmas feel different?

Or, like me, have you just been itching to get going, not reviewing? There’s a difference between review and renew….

For many of us (myself included), Samhain (Halloween) is the start of the New Year. Celtic Pagans often see Samhain as the end of the Harvest and the start of the New. I often felt the energy of this, even before I trained in Celtic Paganism, before I resonated with my ancestral celtic roots over her in the Uk.

My body just knew it. But my mind thought it odd.

The label of Celtic paganism and the traditions, helped me to remember (as in Re-meber myself, bring myself back together as a complete whole). Good labels can do that can’t they? And many pagans consider the 1st of Jan as good as any date to start the new year.

I’m not talking about rules here, I’m talking about knowing your own rhythm and rhyme. I’m talking about throwing out the rule book to rediscover your own truth. I now use Celtic shamanism to add guidance to my life, to help me give words to the impulses that my body and soul send to my awareness. It doesn’t become a set of new rules to follow but adds to the collection of inner guidance I access and use in order to make sense of my experiences and add to my overall joy and delight in life.

You might have already completed the process of the End of Year review and feel impatient to start anew (as I do) If so, maybe I’ve just helped you make sense of that.

Because, sometimes those of us who run contrary to current traditions, or what we sometimes refer to as mainstream can feel slightly out of tune, synch or wack which adds to a sense of loneliness and isolation. I mean, I adore some aspects of what we call traditional Christmas in the UK. I love the lights, the trees, the new Pj’s for xmas eve (one of our traditions), advent calendars etc and I’ve never felt the whole New Years Eve thing. By that time, I’d started already 😉

By now (1st December as I write this) I’ve already processed the past year, grieved the losses, celebrated my growth points – there were a lot this year and I’ve started to implement the changes that I want to embrace going forward From now. Not next year. Energetically, I’m already in my 2021 😉

And how I’ve approached it this year is slightly different and I want to share it with you in case you want to do this for yourself.

Start by putting yourself at the centre of everything.

As a single parent, home educating my two kids and running my business, I’d fallen out of the habit of doing this. I still had some investment in the energy pattern of – once everyone else’s needs are met, then I can take care of mine. Oh, hello martyrdom, it’s been a while 😉 The Ancients incessantly whispered to me “put your own needs first, trust us, you need the counter balance” Is this you too?

Get in touch with your current energy streams.

I channeled for myself and saw the direct energy patterns that were in charge of my life. If you are a student of my channeling course – do this. Channel for yourself, when you directly experience the energy, its so much easier to realise when something needs to change. Email me if you are stuck. If you don’t channel – sit quietly and call in guides and unseen friends to help you know yourself at a deep level. You’ll have your own way to know thyself. We all do.

Remind yourself of your own Divinity

I then took a week to reevaluate my Strengths Values Souls goals And dive deep into the energy of desire The week was filed with also running my business, parenting etc. I didn’t take a week off life but I did consciously create containers to do this sacred work.

Heal Thyself in Thine Own Way 😉

Sorry give me a minute while I send off my inner Shakespearean that seems to have show up. Right. Sorted. Sorry about that 😉

Then I did take a full day to do some inner healing. No one else but me (and The Ancients) I listened to the psychic noise that cluttered up my energy system. Other people’s unspoken demands that I was still aquiencing to and giving away my power (I’ll be sharing more of those on instagram)

I utilised EFT and energetic healing combined with the guidance of The Ancients on where to aim the healing. I cried and had moments of a-ha’s What unfolded was the result of the initial guidance of The Ancients. I put myself first, at the centre of my life. I know what qualities I want to experience next (and more importantly why) and as I watch my reality unfold and opportunities come my way, I know what I want to say yes to with crystal like clarity. I know what I want to create in my business and more importantly, I feel like the driving force behind allowing that to happen.

When we are at the centre of our lives, “I’ve got this” becomes so much less hustle based and much more allowing. We stand in a reality where we both allow Source to find us whilst simultaneously rising to meet Source.

Co-creation has a delicious flavour when you relish the energy that you get to add.

Finally, do it your way

So as you set out, or continue to review your 2020 and invite your 2021, whatever stage you are at for that…. Here’s my invitation – from one business owner to another:

Focus on your strengths and how you want to use more of them in your life. Our strengths serve others and bring us joy at the same time.

Source does like a win win

Check your values, are you on track with your true values in your work and life? Top tip when you are clear on your true values in your work and for your clients, you’ll often discover where more richness and joy is hiding out for you too.

Again, with the win wins.

Dont’cha just love this particular life pattern? Your values will inform the qualities and essences that are important to you and clarify the difference between what’s been motivating you and what can inspire you. Two very different ways of approaching goals.

Go all in on the healing.

Now, I’m a rip the plaster off kinda gal 😉 You might not be. But going all in doesn’t mean “feeling all the feels’ in fact there are many times when this is actually counter-productive, trauma triggering and just not needed. I did need to let some of the shock of this year leave my system. I’d been holding onto some without realising it. (there was snot involved ;-)) But it was more like a rather gazelle shaking off the stress of surviving a lion encounter than shattering of my energy system.

I’m not big into feeling all the feels all of the time. Sometimes it’s just an unnecessary complication So, deep and gentle is the way. You might want to use energy techniques like EFT (tapping), calling in your guides to help clear the way (hit reply if you want a template on how to do this) or feel the feels, bit by tentative bit. It’s all good. Then, once you consciously know what your strengths are (ask friends if you are stuck), what your authentic, not conditioned, values are and released what you no longer need from your energy system….

Then come around freshed faced and deeply connected so you can look to your intentions for yourself and your life.

I know this sounds like a lot. It is and that’s important to recognise. We can’t just expect ourselves to suddenly “know” our soul’s purpose or authentic work.

A lot goes into being in right relationship with your work and business – It takes a deep understanding of true nature over our conditioned self and an acknowledgment that we are always evolving and so are our desires, dreams and goals.

We are constantly touched by life, transformed by life and we can add the ever increasing richness of our growth into our work, our service and into our ability to receive.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more on the points I’ve raised here and if you want the support of myself and The Ancients on clarifying what’s next for you then you can make use of the breakthrough sessions. Find out more here.

Be gentle, be kind to yourself and remember your glorious wild nature is an important part of the Divine blueprint.

In Love Cara

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