Hey Sensitive Souls

On todays podcast we continue with the Interview the Guides Series.

What I’m enjoying, an added bonus I wasn’t expecting, is that all the channels are loving this gig!

If you are a channel yourself and want to be part of this series, get in touch.

So, back to this podcast.

Sara channels two beings from the Angelic realm.

Angel Celeste and AA Micheal

This podcast is the first time that Sarah has ever channeled AA Micheal verbally. Cool right? Like he turned up just for us 😉

Celeste discusses

  • what it actually means to live from the heart
  • how we choose love over fear
  • the UK Manchester bombing (it had just happened the night before)

AA Micheal discusses

  •  Power and how to step into your power.

At the start of the interview, Sara also talks about her journey into opening up as a channel, the spontaneous healing she experienced as a result of connecting with her guides and how she learned to consciously channel.

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Meet Sara Monserrat Teixido of Monserrat Elements.

A natural empath and nature lover, Sara is an artist, jeweler, amulet maker, guide, and healer. Sara has been making her jewelry and amulet creations for nearly 30 years, bringing balance, love, joy, peace, and a sense of well-being to those who wear her custom made pieces. Living as a Goddess of the heart, Sara hopes to be a spark light of inspiration to others. Her wish is to activate the hearts of those she touches through her work, and radiate back to them their own shining light. As a Reiki II certified practitioner, Sara is now incorporating this powerful healing modality into her amulet work, readings, and crystal grid meditations. The use of Reiki and Spirit guided healing energy offers a deeper resonance to her work in harmony with the elements and universal energy. Sara connects to spirit through Goddess, Angels, Native Shaman, Reiki, intuition, the elements, and her guides. Powerfully connecting with the energies of the crystals, Sara is using Crystal Grid work for healing self, others, and putting powerful healing intentions out into the world. Sara will be expanding her Monserrat Elements offerings in 2017 and will be accepting new clients for readings, mindfulness inspiration, meditations, and custom amulet creations. Look for a new website with all of her offerings soon at www.monserratelements.com.

PS. If this series has got you curious about your own ability to channel, I want to assure you that you can. And if you want to join our own tribe of channels and learn the skill yourself, you can find out more at Adventures In Consciousness

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