I am sooooo excited to bring this weeks episode. It’s brilliant and here’s why.

Antonina Andreeva channels the collective Ra who speaks about the forgotten origins of true power.

There was something about the way the collective described it that summed up about 100 personal development books in one go. If you struggle with owning your power or actually understanding what it means to “step into your power” (and who doesn’t right?) this will answer your questions.

Specifics covered were :

  • The difference between being an unconscious channel and a conscious one.
  • How power is an energy that is available to you
  • Power without force
  • The real importance of open the heart and how it relates to power
  • How the pyramids were created!
  • How power travels through our chakras and how to use that information to create form
  • The difference between true desire and compulsions
  • As a special treat – at about 50.55 Ra speaks Light Language to activate our true selves

This is not to be missed.

Antonina’s website

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In Love

“Antonina is a Soul DNA Coach and Mentor for Awakened Purpose Driven Women. She works with Spiritually-minded women on the awakened path; empowering them to create the necessary changes to build a life that looks good from the outside and feels good on the inside.

Antonina passionately believes the world would be a better place if more people were truthful and honest about what sets their heart alight and then went out and did it.

Her big mission is to assist as many women as possible to be truly happy and at peace with themselves.

To become fully realised in their life and their work. To come together to heal, grow and step into their most potent, powerful self. To re-connect with their magic and a pen up to the wisdom that’s inside of them, remembering who they truly are and what they came here to BE.

In doing so, this will create a shift on a humanity level. It will redistribute the wealth into the hands of those who need it heralding the start of a New Earth.

When she is not coaching clients, she’s likely found travelling to faraway places, in communion with the elements at the nearest beach, or wrestling her six-year-old into bed.

Because #contrasts”

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