On today’s show I interview Or Shahra a yoga teacher who has a passion for teaching yoga that meets the unique needs of her students. She’s not a cookie cutter kinda teacher, my type of teacher. 

We talk about her experiences of teaching students with special needs and how that led to her learning more deeply how to support each person’s unique relationship with yoga.

Or also shares how her journey through depression lead her to travel around the world until she found her home in Yoga.

We talk about how the journey of finding where you belong in the world is deeply connected to how you want to show up in the world.

Or shares her spiritual practice and illuminates for us how without a spiritual practice, yoga can feel shallow. Also that developing a spiritual practice doesn’t have to be a time-consuming overwhelming big deal. Simplicity is a must for sensitives, so worth a listen.

My fave quote from this conversation is when Or described her sensitivity as a “tool” for living.

Enjoy the show and, as always head over to facebook group for deeper conversations.

Or  helps yoga practitioners who feels like their weekly class is not enough anymore, to deepen their practice without spending tons of time and money on yoga teacher training.

Through online training and one-on-one coaching, my students get the support they need to easily integrate yoga into their everyday routine.

When their practice becomes more regular and more meaningful, the result is inner peace, that benefits every aspect of their life.

Today I keep deepening my practice every day, raise my beloved dog and teach around Berlin.


Free Yoga book mentioned on interview 

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