Today’s podcast is a the very skilled Sondra Kornblatt from Restful Insomnia. I meet Sondra in a business group we both belong to and we quickly became friends.  I know that many of you struggle with good quality sleep in someway and I wanted Sondra to come and share her very unique approach to insomnia and sleep.

More about Sondra

Sondra Kornblatt helps people grappling with insomnia and exhaustion who want to finally feel rested enough to know and go after their dreams. She helps people shift their relationships with the mind, body, emotions and more, so they can rest into who they really are (and welcome sleep). She is the author of four books on sleep, brain function, and energy boosting. And she is a a trained life and sleep coach, with a degree in community service/ counseling. Her approach combines many disciplines, including meditation, yoga, body work, and hypnosis. Sondra is grateful that she can help her clients and students stop struggling at night and feel aligned with their worlds during the day.

You can find her on her website here and facebook page here 

Some of what we discussed:

  • Reframing how we view and approach sleep so that a restful night is more possible (this was a major takeaway for me!)
  • Our relationship to our minds, body, life and how that effects our ability to sleep
  • How to manage waking up with anxiety at 2am in a morning
  • What might be stopping us from getting off to sleep in the first place
  • How your day time life affects your nighttime rest
  • Creative ways of approaching bedtime and any routines. 
  • Bringing the fun back into sleep

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