In this podcast conversation with Holly Worton we talk about:

  • What is re-wilding or un-taming and why might you want to do this?
  • How being in the wild can help you untame
  • How Nature can help you to get to know yourself
  • What we’ve learned from Nature about re-wilding
  • Getting lost in the outdoors and what that’s taught us
  • How wild nature speaks to us
  • What we can learn from building relationships with Nature
  • How to work with stone circles in a different way
  • What we’ve learned about resilience and trust from our experiences in Nature
  • What we’ve done when things went wrong – and what we might do differently next time
  • How you can connect with Nature to work with Spirit
  • How to work with portals to connect with other dimensions, energies, etc.
  • How Nature can also serve as a pathway to Oneness
  • How to reconnect to Oneness by building our relationship with Nature

You can find Hollys’ website and book here

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