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Okay so today’s guest is me!

This weeks episode is a channeled message that I hastily recorded whilst walking in Avebury a few weeks ago.

 Holly Worton and I  were on our way to a sacred place in Avebury where it’s easier to connect with the Star People (yay my tribe) and as I walked past a particular tree, I felt its energy “grab” mine.

I felt the impulse to channel and this short clip is the result of Holly having the foresight to whip out her phone and hit record. Although I know that some of this message was personal for me, it’s also a global message for all Lightworkers.

What I’d love you to pay attention to is:

  • how easy it is to slip in out and of the channeling state. With practice, I’m over 7 years in now, its easier to be in and out of channeling states. I have less fear and doubts that get in the way, know my own energy so much I KNOW when another energy is wanting to connect with me and – always other energies want to talk with us. There is so much more support out there than we think.
  • What this energy says about commanding and demanding our realties.

Here’s a transcript of the recording if you’d rather read:

You are woman. You are wise. You are teacher. Be who you are. Do not play small. Wise up.

Be a force for good in this world. Stand your ground. Stand your truth. Stand in your power.

Be who you truly are, both in personality and in your multidimensional self.

Command your reality. Take charge of your reality.

Use your gifts and your skills to create that which you would see in the world.

Do not fear your ability to produce the end result that you want to see manifest in your world as a whole and as your reality in the smaller details.

Work with nature by dancing with the energies, using your body as a portal to pull creative forces into your being and send them out through your intentions.

Use your intentions as a channel for the energies of the earth that you call into your body and set your wisdom into reality by defining your expectations.

Use your authority! Use your authority.

Be…. You have collected wisdom over the years. Do not shy from it. Use it.

So you know what you want to create. You know what you want to see. You have worked ethically. You are strong in your integrity.

Know your power in this force…the force of integrity.

Let go your inhibitions and set yourself free to create that which you want to see.

It’s as simple as that. You are only fearful of your own power.

You are woman. Go be woman.

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In Love

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