How do we best use our outer reality as feedback for our inner reality?

What clues are there in physical reality, to the blind spots we have in our belief systems, expectations, attitudes and other ingredients of reality creation?

If, like me, you are always curious, eager to learn and are fascinated with reality creation tools, then you’ll like todays episode.

Gina Nicole of is a Feng Shui expert who also regularly converses with AA Micheal in her consultations.

On today’s episode, not only does Gina describe how her own ill health led to the discover of how Feng Shui impacts physical wellbeing, but also, we examine how, you too, could use your home as clues to unearth subconscious blocks and sabotages.

Then, obviously, how to rectify them and change your physical reality to shift your inner reality and therefore your future creations.

Enjoy and, as always, join us in the free facebook group to deepen the conversation.


Gina mentions a lot of free resources in the podcast to help you apply the tips to your own life.
Here they all are:

The Elements

The Bagu Map

Tarot Course

Free Angel Course

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