Hey Gorgeous

Oh I could have talked to today’s guest for HOURS, hence the slightly longer than usual length of this podcast.

Deborah Chalk is a Martha Beck trained life coach who specialises in career and life purpose and, as a bonus she is also a highly sensitive person.

We chat about life transitions in general and how they uniquely impact those of us that are highly sensitive.

In particular we discuss:

  • How to recognise a “should” career and an authentic career
  • Why we choose a should career
  • How authentic careers tend to feel reckless and not like a “real job” Both Deborah and I share our personal experience of career transitions and the inner resistance we both needed to overcome in order to do work that truly nourished ourselves
  • How to support yourself in any transition and change of identity. Deborah identifies the role that creativity, nutrition and our inner dialogue plays whilst we are in transition.
  • The 3 B’s that you can use to when you are stuck in a job that you don’t like
  • How to make Sunday night blues a thing of the past.

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In love


Deborah is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and a trained Career Coach. She coaches sensitive people to help them towards their life purpose or their right career. She also coaches writers and university students. She has guest posted on many well-known sites such as ‘The Huffington Post,’ ‘Tiny Buddha,’ ‘Chopra,’ and ‘TUT’. She lives in Oxfordshire in England with her husband, daughter and flat-coated retriever who likes to sing along when anyone in the house plays piano. When she’s not coaching or mothering, Deborah practises ballet regularly and reads copious amounts of self-help.

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