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Oh I loved this interview!

At my recent trip to Avebury, I was reminded of our ability to connect with and work with Dragon Energies. These sacred energies of the land are beautiful and powerful and just waiting to partner with us.

As soon as I got home I knew I needed to have someone who worked with Dragon energies on the podcast. In about two days of me asking this episode was recorded.

Dragon energy works fast! 

Aadaoin is such a beautiful spokes person for Dragon energy and has such high integrity it was a joy to interview her.

In the podcast we cover:

  • What are dragon energies and how do we start to work with them? (I didn’t expect Galactic to be in there!)
  • Whether we all have a dragon guide
  • How to naviagte the spiritual ego when it comes to our desires to clear laylines and energies
  • How we honour the dragons in our dimension
  • What Dragon energies actually feel like – hint its not quite Game of Thrones
  • How the Dragon energy available to us has evolved over time and how this relates to the myths in our legends about dragons
  • What we can ask the Dragons to support us with
  • How dragon energy actually is a way of amplifying our own magic

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About Aadaoin.

Aodaoin Hathaway is the founder and creator of Dances With Dragons Energy Healing and Vibrational Essences, and lives in Co Limerick, Ireland.


Aodaoin works with the Dragon Realm Energy and holds a strong Dragon frequency in her own being. She also has over fifteen years of training in various healing modalities, including Usui Reiki, VortexHealing, and intuitive energy healing. She is accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, and continues to learn about different ranges of vibrational essences, in addition to creating the Dances With Dragons range, for use in her consultations.

Aodaoin uses her Mystic abilities to co-create her essences with the Dragons and Elementals of the land and plants, connecting on a very deep and pristine energetic level with these beings in order to bring the highest frequency possible to the Dances With Dragons range.


Cara Wilde

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