Hey Sensitives,

This week’s podcast is all about MONEY!

Tania Angelis is this weeks channel, and she brings through the Angel of the energy of money for us. When Tania reached out to me about being on the podcast, I knew she was a channel for Angels, specifcialy Arch Angels but I had no idea about her own personal journey with the angels and money.

Once I heard how the angels had supported Tania in pulling herself out of bankcruptcy in order to allow abundance back into her life, I knew I had to ask the angels specific questions about money. Too good an opportunity to miss right?

I didn’t know that this was going to be the topic until moments before the podcast, so if you want me to get Tania back on and ask her your own specific questions then let me know and I’ll be happy to have her back on.

In the podcast we cover:

Tania’s own personal journey of moving out of lack and scarcity, what tools the angels guided her to use and how they supported her in viewing money differently

  • How to access personal support around money from your angels.
  • How the angels perceive money
  • How to manifest money with heart energy
  • How to recognise hidden agendas that can push away money, especially from clients.
  • Why we really want money (I loved this answer)
  • Why so many Light workers feel isolated, sidelined and scapegoated and what to do about that.

If you’ve come across these subjects before, I’d encourage you to still listen to the podcast, there is something about the way that Tania channeled the information and presented it that created shifts in my perceptions of what was possible – even though exploring these topics are not new to me.

As always, join us to deepen the conversation about in the free facebook group

Tania is the founder and creator of The Angel Shaman Academy and  loves being an angel teacher (even though she resisted it for over ten years!).  She is an angel channel (ie she let the angels use her as a speaking tool when she work with clients.  She can do automatic writing which means that she let her mind go blank so that the messages she needs to hear come through easily and clearly. 




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