Today we have Cathy Ballard on the podcast, channelling the collective Orlan.

Orlan tells us that they are from a galaxy beyond our current awareness and that they are the consciousness of a star system.

Points we cover include:

  • How connecting to our body’s leads to a greater connection with our expanded selves
  • How to connect with our expanded selves on a day to day basis so that we can manifest the life we were birthed to experience
  • Gaia’s evolution
  • Whether eating meat is a positive or negative thing
  •  and much more.

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Website –
FacebookCathy Ballard
Facebook group The Art of Flow
Telephone – 07748 366 171
Cathy Ballard is an energy coach, facilitator and higher consciousness channel.
She helps people connect with their Higher Self and inner guidance so they can see and step into bigger possibilities for their lives and businesses. 
Cathy works with individuals and groups and has held workshops, retreats and programmes around the world, including several years running a consciousness centre in New Zealand. 
Her mission has been to help others get unstuck, transform and evolve by transcending beyond their limiting beliefs and acting from the Infinite Being they truly are.
“I love to help people discover the real power we have inside ourselves, and the energy tools we need for living an aligned, happy and abundant life. All of us can tap into that power, eliminate the blocks, fears and self-doubt that has us looking outside ourselves for the answers, and experience more connection, flow and magic every day.” 

In Love

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