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Today’s post is a channeled audio (about 30mins) from The Ancients. After a few clients had started to ask The Ancients for guidance on the future of our economy and how to navigate any economic collapse, I thought it would be useful to ask The A’s for general guidance about our future new economy. 

I wasn’t disappointed, and as always, their answer surprised me and answered questions I didn’t know I had. 

I’d invite you to listen to the audio lightly to start with and just allow yourself to be immersed in their word. Do the exercises and then listen again. The kitchen cupboard exercise sounds MAD but, it really worked for me and gave me my own “base line emotion” for my finances and I was shocked. 

In the audio they talk about:

  • redefining our idea of a personal and global economy so that we can expand into more thriving and wellbeing that we currently think is possible.
  • How to identify what they are calling our “base line emotion” in relation to our finances and how to shift it if we want to.
  • Create our own personal new harmonic for thriving and wellbeing so that we can imprint that into physical reality.
  • How to feel truly loved, safe and secure and much more….. 

Here’s the audio and below is a full transcription.


“You are more than your circumstances.

That includes you as an individual. You as a family unit. You as a community. A community as a village. A community as a town or community as a city.  A community as a country, and a community as a globe.

Globally and individually, you are always more than your circumstances.

These circumstances, wherever you may find yourself, are a result of all that you have been able to imagine for yourself right now. Up to now.

In terms of the situation and relationship, you find yourself in with coronavirus, it is our invitation to you to see this situation as a new foundation upon which to release your imagination of what’s possible for your world and for yourself and for those that you care about.

The restrictions that you are experiencing, or that you are paying attention to do not have to limit your imagination.

And your imagination is far more powerful than many of the cultures in your world give credit to.

Your imagination is one of the things, is one of the aspects of being human that separates you from your animal kingdom. It is and was the beginning of your evolution into becoming homo sapien. First, there was a spark of observer consciousness. A  connection.

But ultimately it is, your imagination that catapults growth, change. Think of your imagination as an aspect of self that you can direct into other realities, other timelines, other futures. 

So last week we spoke of setting your expectations to the very best.

“I expect the very best to happen”. That gives you a helpful anchor to the future.

An anchor to the future that is based in hope or fed by hope, inspiration, expansiveness, courage, creativity allows for the joy.

All the juiciness of the qualities of the frontal lobes, which are a pathway to your personal and global evolution. It’s where the best of humanity exists.

So step one, throw your consciousness and your will to the highest possible future for yourself by setting your expectations as the most, expect the most loving and rewarding results and then you are connected with a future goal that will not only bring you the most joy, but also the most rewards in terms of your growth and expansion.

Learning what you’re capable of, becoming more and more. More than you thought possible for yourself. Expectations can, if used wisely, take you beyond possibilities.

So in terms of your personal and global economy. What are your expectations?

Don’t look for evidence of what you can expect. Don’t look for proof to feed your expectations. Dream your expectations to begin with. Dream your expectations into being.

Flex your creative muscles of your mind by asking yourself “what is the very best that I can imagine?”

“What is the very best that I can expect for myself and my own personal economy?”

And the economy includes the money that you receive, but also how you will receive it. And don’t think of details and specifics too much. Think in terms of qualities such as

“received with ease and grace.

In a way that allows an expansion of love within me.

What am I willing to surrender and release in order to allow a greater economy in my life?

What habits, patterns of thought, emotions that I am perhaps a little magnetic to that no longer serve me?”

And allow yourself to touch these questions lightly. We don’t want you to fall into the trap of “bad me for feeling these feelings” or “bad me for thinking these thoughts.” Just lightly entertain the possibility that you can allow more beneficial thoughts and habits and experiences into your life, into your own personal economy. This of your economy as the way that you relate to life –  money just being one aspect.

What would your like in your own economy? Would you like to travel by car, foot, bike?

You’d perhaps like to breathe fresh air. Clean and pure, to provide a personal habitat at the micro-level. Your economy’s also the wellbeing of your body

So what we’re trying to convey here is, your society so far, has been thinking of economy purely in terms of a financial mechanism when really it is about the thriving and the wellbeing of your community.

And so your individual economy is also the thriving and wellbeing of your own personal body, of your mind. Of your wealth of health, of your microbiome in your gut.

So to begin with, expand your sense economy to encapsulate well being, thriving. Well being and thriving. You see that’s the best expectation. To have an economy, personally and globally, where there is striving of wellbeing, a thriving of wellbeing, and yes, absolutely,  right now money is a big part of that and is available.

How will you know when you are thriving with wellbeing at an individual level?

Also, at a global level, and, we assure you, you don’t have to think globally right now. If you just want to think in terms of your own individual economy, then that’s fine. Absolutely, and it’s a necessity, but sometimes when you think of your own individual economy straight away, you go to the global and what is there already and you can’t see that what you want is possible because you’re using your current framework of creation to judge for yourself what’s possible and that’s never the case. This has just been what’s possible up to now.

So when you hold that idea lightly,  for you to sense, you’re going to start to get pictures, ideas, a sense, and we hope most significantly, you will experience a feeling tone; a collection of qualities that come together in an overall harmonic inside of you that’s represents the thriving of your wellbeing.

And if you spend some time, it’s not hard, it’s not difficult. You can allow ideas to come in and hold them lightly and entertain them by paying attention to them, and as you do, they begin to grow. They begin to deepen. You begin to get more clarity, perhaps more kinesthetic, or you may start to get visualisations or hear certain thoughts and certain ideas or have a sense of just knowing. 

But what we’re hoping to entertain here is gravitation within you, as you listen to our words, towards your own personal new harmonic by becoming aware of your feeling tone, your personal imprint, your unique blueprint. 

That you want to imprint upon the physical reality of your wellbeing and thriving, the thriving of your wellbeing, being well enough to thrive, thriving well enough to be, being well enough to thrive. To be thriving in wellbeing.

And this is your own feeling tone, your own harmonic that we wish you to imprint upon physical reality and then become magnetic to circumstances, situations, opportunities, avenues of alignment, that will bring you that which you desire.

So how do you do that? Good question. Yes. So first of all, think of safety and security.

In order to allow thriving, It’s beneficial to feel safe and secure. We understand that can be a little challenging to minds right now who are attached to current circumstances and we don’t want you to judge any feelings of insecurity or fear that may come upon a day to day basis.

All is welcome and denial is not helpful.

But just scan your environment now, whether you do that internally through meditation or externally with your vision as you walk around your house.

Where is a sense of security and safety for you right now? How can you shore up more of a focus of security right now? And safety.

Where and how do you feel safe?

What can you focus upon?  Perhaps a picture? A person?  A circumstance? Something in your life that feels safe and secure right now


for many of you your body can give you a sense of safety and security. Your body gives you a sense of individuality, which is a very securing feeling for many of you. You have a will. You have the ability to make choices and decisions. You can respond. You are a grown-up [laughing}. Though sometimes it does not feel this way.

You have certainty in your cupboards.

 Let us explain what we mean by that. So when you see yourself as separate from your kitchen cupboards, bare with us? Yes. Stay with us. We promise you it will be worth it. When you see yourself as separate from your kitchen cupboards and you see you have this thing called hand that you have created for yourself, that you can place on a solid surface of your kitchen cupboards.

You can feel solidity.

There is something immovable in your life.

Different from thoughts which are ever-changing, ever constant for the majority of you. But you can reach out and touch something secure and solid that is immovable and we invite you to do this as an exercise momentarily. When you finished listening to the recording. 

Place your hand on and really feel the solidity of the kitchen cupboard underneath your hand. See yourself as an I separate from and feel the form underneath your hand. Then allow yourself to feel your feet on the floor. Put yourself, put your awareness on the cushion of your feet on the floor. That you are here. Now. Present.Still.Standing. Certain.

How does certainty relate to this moment that you find yourself standing here, hand on cupboard? Where does this allow you to experience more certainty and your sense of self? Of being separate and connected at the same time?

As you stand with your hand on the cupboard, move your eyes and your head around and notice what you see with your vision that pleases you. Or that is at least neutral.

Just pay attention to naming without judgment, pleasure or not, that which you see. The colour pink, a lamp, a toy, a plant. An animal. Just let your mind lightly move through  that which you are observing. And see how it brings you more to the now. And when you are in your now you are safer, separate and connected.

Certain. That you are certain that you exist. Certain and safer in your now.

We would encourage you to perhaps do this every time you make a drink. Many of you find yourself in your kitchens with frequency right now. Try. See. Play. Get curious.

“What happens if I do this ridiculous thing that the Ancients are advising and inviting us to do and how the hell does this relate to finances? Because really That’s what I’m interested in right now. Give me the money!”

So as you do that exercise, a word of caution. As you do that exercise and start to feel the security that can build in your body when you’re truly present in the moment. As then you place your attention on perhaps people and things that you care about, that you’re responsible for.

Or as your mind goes to other areas of your life. You may become aware of what is your actual current vibration feeling, what we want to call your baseline feeling about finances is. 

Let’s just say that a little better. So as you become aware, perhaps of something that you are responsible for, a being that you love and care about, that’s a dependent upon you or your mind goes to your area of finances, you may find, hopefully, you’ll find that you become gently aware of your overall feeling, your baseline feeling towards finances. 

So most of you have fleeting feelings depending on the thoughts, the many, many thoughts that run through your head on a day to day basis regarding money. Much of it is dependent upon external circumstances and we’re not judging that here. That’s understandable though not necessarily helpful. Depends, yes? 

But you will have a baseline feeling and a feeling that you tend to gravitate towards in relationship to your finances. And if you can, allow yourself to become aware of what that is. You may be pleasantly surprised by what it allows you to understand about the reality that you’ve created so far around your finances.

Do you know what’s beneath the fear? What’s beneath the fear in your finances?  Crucial information. Most of you, when you explain it’s anxiety, it’s because you don’t want to feel the feelings. Anxiety can act as a separator. Don’t touch this. Don’t touch this.

Don’t go there. Bounce off. Nope. Nothing to see here. Go away. Fear can act as a barrier to your deeper wisdom that you can access when you truly know how you feel. Your average feelings about your finances.

Fear, and anger, quite often are  protective barriers, meaning to keep you safe, but actually just keeping you ignorant. Most likely the baseline feeling that you have towards your finances are something around hurt and disappointment or sadness.

Even a sense of striving can be a mask and hide your true feelings of why you ,and how you separate yourself from healthy finances that support you ecosystem and your  economy.

So with light and gentle curiosity, you may set the intention that you’re going to gently and gracefully, not dramatically and overtly, but gracefully, and gently learn to understand what your gravitational pull is and your baseline emotions towards your finances.

if you have hope, that’s enough for now, but right now, not many of you will be there.

So this baseline feeling, the average of all your feelings of finances. It’s where you hang out the most. Yes. Your mean emotion in the mathematical sense. Yes?

And what do you do with that knowing? If and when you do become gently and gracefully aware of your baseline emotions, of your feelings towards finances.

What do you do then? Well, knowledge is your power.

Then, you have to check your basic beliefs. Your basic beliefs about your relationship with finances. Are you good with money?

Can you change your beliefs so that you are generally decent, economical with money? Just you do well when you’re given the responsibility of money, you do well. You do well. 

And if your mind goes to areas where perhaps that is not your truth -then how did you do well in that moment of your life when you created the situation that you now look back upon as not doing well? What choices and decisions did you make in your past that makes perfect sense with where you were. And now you just have, and now because of that learning, because of that past experience, you now have a greater understanding of what you may do differently.

 But that was your next best step, otherwise, you would not have been able to get to where you are now with your level of awareness, that you want more for yourself. And that’s all that regret can be if you allow it is  “wow, I regret that because now I have the awareness that I want more for myself. I can do more. I can give more. I am more, but without that past experience, I would not know.

So all is well. All has unfolded perfectly, which means all will unfold perfectly. 

So how am I now in relation to money? To finances? To responsibility?

Do I know that’s the creative force of my imagination is what inspires me to the next best action steps that I could take right now as long as those imaginings are going towards a future that I desire?

So with my expectations set what does my future want me to know about now?”

So forgive yourself for the baseline emotion that you have with your finances if you need to. And with forgiveness comes a clean slate. Forgiveness is just, it doesn’t matter what’s gone, what matters is what’s now and what’s next.

 “I am always more than my circumstances. I can expand into more of myself by asking me what would delight me now  in my life?”

 And remember because your circumstances have changed with  such shocking accuracy overnight, as it were. Life has changed in the blink of an eye and the gift of that, is that a new foundation as possible.

 Ask yourself questions of getting to know yourself and your preferences through a different lens. What we mean by that  is allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by your answers. And expect your answers to reveal something new about yourself because you are in a new reality with new possibilities so much more now than ever before.

A common phrase right now, yes? The thing is, that phrase has always been true for you, but now because reality, you’ve seen it change so dramatically ,in the blink of an eye, almost. 

In the blink of a new perspective, with new priorities, new focus, new attention. You’ve seen how dramatically life can change and that if you allow it can be exhilarating in terms of what you can begin to imagine for yourself now.

Just play with your creation of a new life. Breathing in fresh, new air, metaphorically and practically.

Metaphorically and materially .Fresh life, fresh air, beginningness with a thirst for life and a zest for adventure. Cast yourself into the future of possibilities that surprise and delight you.

That is your greatest opportunity for creating new avenues of finances or injecting current avenues with new life force. Utilize your spirit. Utilize the qualities of enthusiasm. Aliveness.

Your thirst for life, your desire for more. Your wish to expand into new horizons.  . Let that be your life force energy. Once you have assured

the primal  part of yourself

that you are safe, by bringing yourself back to the now. Here. Present. Start here . Now. Present. Start. Separate. Individual. Surrounded by the solidity of life, walls, bricks, wood, strength, sustenance. Here. Now. Present. Safe, secure.

Know your current baseline emotion in relation to your finances and then create yourself a new economy, a new outlook on life, a new way to navigate physical reality by calling on your spirit, your enthusiasm, your adventure.

And  allow, create space by not judging anything right now, but allow and create space for new bubbles of imagination to come to the surface of your mind. Connecting at a level of your highest expectations without striving. Just lightly with grace and allowing, of knowing that you’re loved.

And to secure your feeling of love maybe reach out to a dear friend. Tell them you love them and mean it and feel it, and you too will feel loved. Increase your sense of connection to others through love by allowing yourself the gift of expression of that love towards others. Towards the fauna and the animals, and hopefully, eventually yourself.

And all that is and all that wants to take care of you and all that wants to be with you and the abundance of opportunities that want to gravitate toward you. Let life love you. Let your own personal adventures inspire you, your uniqueness to fuel your desire of understanding what adventure means to you.

That will help increase your sense of aliveness, which is the easiest way to connect with a sense of abundance in your new economy –  that supports you, that feeds you, that gives you courage. That takes care of you. That brings you the very best, that allows you to express the very best of who you are without even knowing what that may be.

Because you can trust yourself to be always connected with love and always love flows through you. Is you . Are you. Connects you to all  that is. That is  your new economy.

And for now in love and peace, we bid you farewell.”


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