Morning reset from The Ancients.

This channeling came from my desire for something to help me REMEMBER that I create my own reality.

I wanted something before the demands of my day came swooping into my mind, or other people’s needs starting tugging at my heels. Before my morning pages!

Something that I could listen to whilst I made me first cup of coffee, in the silence before the house wakes up.

And, obviously, The A’s delivered.

The Ancients guide us to internally meet and connect with the quality of innocence, beginning a new. Their cadence and tempo is purposefully slow and brings us gently and fully to the now, to our observer self, to the state we need to be in to actively and consciously create our day.

Don’t let that inner voice convince you there’s not time in the day for this. Starting your day in this way is a powerful practice that will change the trajectory of your day. Each and everyday. Start now and slow down to feel the bliss that is always there, just beneath the surface of our busyness.


In Love

Here’s an mp3 of just the message from The A’s that you can use over and over again.

Morning Reset

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