Hey Love Noter,

Support. I thought I’d done it all last week 😉

On my Love Note walk this afternoon, I’d been totally in my head.
My mind chatter started “Am I hearing them or is this my own thoughts…do I need to sit and channel today or can I hear them as I walk?’

And then the trees started to change, they took on a slightly different colour, became more vibrant. I started to see energy around them, feel the spirit of the flowers. Colours began to glow and I knew. 

I could slip into the channelling dimension whilst walking and this magic NEVER gets old for me.

Here’s what they said.

“Slow down for support.

You allow support in, you don’t chase it”

Yep, that’s it. That’s the Love Note for today! hahahaha yeah right. I mean I love what they said but….HOW…how do I live that? 

And here’s my conversation with them. See, I’d realised I was in the exact same headspace that I was on my walk last week. Too much to do, too little time, little support.

I’m planning a live online version of the channelling course and so I needed to plan all that out today. I had an Economics Igcse to research for my eldest, and a music award to research for my youngest. Plus take them on a body movement walk, cook tea, attend a coaching call and try to fit in a run. 

I was in serious overwhelm. I have actually let more support in last week since working on the belief

I am supported in all areas of my life

by finding a tech support person for my business and clearly I still have more work to do. I thought I could have it all sorted in a week. hahahaha. Yeah. Right. 

Let’s make the whole month of May a Love Note focus on getting more support in our lives.

oh, I promised you the conversation I had with the A’s – here you go:

Me: I’m chasing support arent ?” (I could almost see myself forging ahead)

The A’s: Yes and that’s just pushing it away. You’re trying to find it.

Me: yes but on a practical basis I do need to find ways of getting more support. I can’t see it. I can’t see where it’s going to come from, I can only see where it isn’t 


The A’s: Yes. You are going to need to “find” it in physical reality. You are going to need specific people, events and circumstances to flow in your life. But you know this by now

Energy state first. Always.

Me: Right. 

The A’s: Slow down, slow down, slow down. Allow Allow Allow

Me: how? how? how? (I’m such a slow student)

And then they came into my heart, my heart opened. I noticed the flowers, the ruddy cheeks of a man who passed by me, the clouds hanging on the blue sky.

The A’s: Allow yourself to feel support, or to know the quality of support by noticing just how abundant and beautiful life is. Look, its all here already. 

Everything you could possibly want is already here. The template of its energetic quality is always present. 

Nature is the cleanest way of viewing that idea. But you can do this anywhere.

Slow down to allow in support. Slow down and feel this support now.
You are never alone.”

It was then I realised that in my attempt to chase support, I’d been pushing away what was already in my life. I do have lots of support. I have loving friends I am so lucky to have. 

I do need some of this support to morph a little, to allow more and become more specific with what I actually do need. 

But I was pushing away what I had already. My heart had closed. 

I was closing myself off. It was me. 

And in that 10mins of talking with The A’s and FEELING what they were trying to tell me, I’d managed to find a core feeling of support, of being supported by Source, by the natural flow of life. 

Trust flowed back into my heart. I felt able to reach out and ASK for more support.

I don’t know what of my to-do list will get done today. 
I do know this, my to-do list will always be endless, but my time on this planet, my time with my kids, with my friends, with life is not endless.

it’s precious. So am I (though that’s hard to say ;-))

You are precious, your life is precious. This moment is precious. More precious than the future one because it’s all we have.

Try this brief exercise the A’s took me through:

Wherever you are right now, where ever. Place your attention on your heart. Call to yourself Source, The A’s, your guides, the angels, whatever your right language might be, and ask yourself to be surrounded with Love to be shown the Love that is available to you right now.

feel your heart smile at the idea. 

And give yourself permission to slow down right now, see what happens when you think of allowing support in rather than chasing it.

it may be subtle to begin with.

Look around and see what beauty catches your eye. 

It might be the colour of a piece of clothing, a sound, the way someone’s hair catches the light, the soothing smell of baking of coffee.

Stop for a moment and allow love in. See what Love is already there.

And notice what it does to your body. Do you soften? Relax a little. Does it make you smile? Think of a friend? 

Focus on this feeling in your heart and imagine it expanding throughout your body, don’t try too hard. It will want to grow on its own. 

Feel it grow beyond your body by a few inches and let Love land like a gentle kiss of a lover, or the warmth of a soft blanket. 

Feel the awe and wonder at a Love that is always available for you in every single moment. 

That’s made me smile just writing about it, I’m imagining you smiling. How was it for you? 

So, with the knowledge that support is probably something that we can all do with more of 😉 and knowing that it takes longer than a week to make a shift on something like this, the whole month is focused on allowing more support. 

 It’s just landed to open a facebook support group for The Love Notes.

I’ve had a free facebook group before and closed it because it was a lot of work, but this feels right so, please do JOIN HERE if you feel led and we’ll see how it goes. 

In Love 

Oh, and I had a lovely email from a reader last week who asked if there was any way of financially supporting the Love Notes.

So I’ve decided to add a donate button to the Love Notes. If you feel like buying me a virtual coffee or something, that would be gratefully received. But no pressure. 😀


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