Channeled sessions with Cara Wilde
Channeled sessions with Cara Wilde

Let me help you have a Soul to Self conversation.

How does the mentorship work?

I predominately use channeled Light Language, toning, Galactic Shamanism and channeled information in the mentorships, although we may also decide to use EFT, Psych-k and other healing modalities I am professionally trained in. 

You can choose a specific area of your life that you want to focus on or have a channeled session to start with where you and The Ancients identify, what they call The point of perfect potential, the one area of your life that if you were to focus upon it would have the biggest impact on the level of Joy in your life.

I work intuitively and I thrive professionally when I work on the edge of my channeling, where I never know what’s coming next so each mentorship package is tailored to your unique needs and in my experience, The Ancients tend to focus on your core wounding in this lifetime as that is where the work needs to be done for you to achieve your Souls goals.

But here’s the thing. I’m a very grounded channel. I spent far too many years from the heart chakra up and I’ve had many a space cadet moments in my past. Life radically changed for me when I focused on my lower three chakras. So my spirituality is immensely practical, spirituality without psychology can feel empty. The Ancients are focused on helping create our own heaven on Earth, but its not some esoterically theory that has no practical application.


What areas of my life can I focus on?

After 20 years of professional work, I’ve identified 5 pillars that need to be in place so that you have a foundation for Joy in your life and be a clear channel of the Light. 

Those pillars are:

  • Living your Soul Purpose
  • Authentic Body – eating and moving our bodies in a way that suits our unique system as empaths.
  • Partnering with our unseen friends, connecting with our galactic lineage. We regularly need to dial home!
  • Energetic health, sensory care
  • Boundaries, energetical and physical so that we can speak our truth and get done what we came here to do.

These pillars underpin all of my mentorship programs and I tend to focus on three separate areas.

Soul Purpose

Professional development for channels, healers, teachers and intuitives

Authentic Body


Yes we want to serve source energy,

 yes we want to co-create a new world

and we also want our own personal

relationship with Joy.



As Light Leaders, we are going through huge transformations both professionally and personally.


We are actually the birthing of a new race of humanity for a new world.  Some people call us crystal or indigo people, to be honest, I dont’ know what to call us, but it does seem like the normal rules dont’ apply to us.

We are being called to not just integrate the disowned aspects of this lifetimes personality, but also we are reclaiming our galactic selves.


We are the ones that we have been waiting for and we are here to pave a new way in physical reality. As the map makers, creating a new way can feel lonely and potentially isolating. Tradittional interventions don’t work for us and crucialy we need to ensure that we work directly with our energy system and that our spirituality is practical and applicable in our every day lives.


The language, sounds and tones bypasses the need for words and works directly on clearing any blocks in your energy system. I could feel the frequency of the tones you were using vibrating in my energy system. The Light Language seems to connect you straight to your original blueprint and the template of creation. It’s like you are working with pure light.

Olwen Jennings


Mentorship is right for you if:

  • you are a channel, healer, empath or teacher {you don’t need to be working professionally}
  • you get excited at terms like LIght Language, galactic shamanism, and the idea of working directly with non-physical beings
  • you understand the language of energy, you know it’s important to work at an energy level
  • your everyday life is stable but it feels like something is missing, you’re not on track or like you’ve forgotten something
  • you want to discover and live your life’s purpose
  • you want to get to the core issue that is getting in the way of your Souls’ goals around weight, work or relationships
  • you are able to support yourself in between sessions when the deep stuff comes up
  • you are willing to take action in between sessions
  • you think purposeful play is a powerful tool for transformation (I’m very playful and laugh a lot in sessions!)
  • You’re completely stuck in your life, nothing is happening. Nada. You have dreams and want to know how to allow them into your experience.
  • You’ve arrived at this page, not really knowing why. Part of you thinks you’re crazy, but it just feels right.

Mentorship isn’t a right fit for you if:

  • you aren’t used to working with energy and aren’t even sure if guides exist
  • you are experiencing intense mental health challenges or struggling day to day with PTSD (but please feel free to contact me for referral information
  • you want a magic pill. I know, it shouldn’t need saying but if you are looking for a quick fix and not interested in self-awareness and discovery then I’m not the best person for you to work with.
  • you don’t agree with reality creation or that we all are co-creating our own reality.
  • you don’t have time to do self-reflection or work outside of the sessions
  • you don’t take action in between sessions
  • you won’t do “homework” Some of this is going to get uncomfortable and require you to make changes and at first it might get a little bumpy
  • you have no support system in place and/or aren’t able to support yourself emotionally in between sessions

Your three packages to choose from

One month


  • 4 x 70 mins sessions
  • In between email support from Cara and One Golden token
  • Recording of any channeled processes used in sessions, including light language
    [golden tokens are used to ask The A’s a guidance question in between sessions]
  • Price : £595

Three months

  • 12 x 70mins session
  • In between email support up to Three golden tokens
  • Recordings of any channeled processes used
  • A channeled personal Soul Song for you to use throughout our work together. A soul song is channeling of Light Language, toning, and sounds.

  • Price £1795

Five months


  • 20 x 70mins session
  • In between email support Up to Three golden tokens
  • Recordings of any channeled processes used
  • A channeled personal Soul Song for you to use throughout our work together. A soul song is channeling of Light Language, toning, and sounds.


  • Price £2600


If mentorship sounds like it might be for you, the next step is to book a free call with me. On this call we can:

  • Have a no obligation 15 min chat if you want to find out more information and have any questions
  • If you already know you want to work with me, we can make sure that we are a good fit and you can tell me which package you would like to work with. Depending on the area you want to focus on I may send you a questionnaire, once a contract is agreed and signed we start straight away.

(If you are past client and don’t see what you need here please email at and ask me for what you want 😀 )


A bit about my style

As a professional I have invested the time, money and effort into making myself a clear channel of the Light. As a result of this I can hold space for the full range of emotions including rage, loss, terror and joy and excitment. I’m telling you this because when we start working together, our energy systems and nervous systems start to communicate, even over distance. Your system starts to recognsie that it is in a safe space to allow what was stored in the unconscious to become conscious. You will become more grounded and that means that may come into contact with emotions and aspects of yourself that you have been unable to access before.

In my past I’ve certainly had my space cadet moments and lived for many years from the heart chakra up, part of my job as I see it, is to help you fully land and ground in physical reality and embody your Soul and that means working on the lower three chakras. To create permanant shifts, we need to go deep n dark baby and if you are ready, then so am I and it’s a privaledge to walk by your side.

What might come up

  • Clearing family of origin issues
  • Connecting with and energetically blending with your guides.
  • Calling back multi-dimensional fragmented selves such as reintegrating your Orion, PLeadiean or Sirian self
  • Releasing persecution energy
  • CLearing out the energy of past lovers, working with twin flame issues
  • Practical stuff like creating new boundaries, energy hygiene, speaking your truth
  • Healing the narcissist and empath dynamic

because we need another way…..

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