In this channleing episode of #AskTheA’s we cover:


  • Who are The Ancients?
  • What is their purpose for connecting with us right now?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is my purpose?
  • The role of over seerer guides and how they can start a relationship with us in childhood.
  • What happens when we live life in celebration
  • How to treat ourselves with more Dignity
  • Life after lockdown and how we can give birth to a new way of being in the world.

my partner in crime in this video is my friend and fellow channel Cathy Ballard. You can find her website here.

Here’s the transcription if you prefer:

The Ancients : Well, yes greetings, it is a pleasure to be here. 


Cathy:  Thank you for joining us today,  we’ve, uh, we’re really looking forward to asking you some questions. Um, but before we start that we would love to know, do you have a message for us?


 The Ancients:  first of all, simply that it is as much a pleasure, pleasure for us to connect with you, as you are saying, it is to connect with us.


And the reminder that. First of all that there are , many beings, many collectives and many energies in the non-physical reality, who wish to come forth or forward and partner with you at this time in creating, that’s what you wish to experience, as both individuals and humanity. That you are not alone. 


And that the bridge between the non-physical and the physical, is a very harmonious place to exist in. Both in these kinds of conversations, but also in your day-to-day life. 


The ability to listen to the whispers of the unseen realms as you venture into hmm, we do not like the term manifesting, but as you venture into, creating the reality that you wish to see before your eyes. And so that’s the first thing, that you’re not alone. There’s many of us that wish to partner with you. 


And second crucially, it is a partnership. There is, um, no hierarchy here. We have simply a wider perspective. We can see the totality of who you are, but as your view is not a, you know, you’re focused on just your one self.


Your one life, your, this dimension and this point in time and space, or even being in time and space. But we learn from our interactions with you and grow and expand from our interactions with you as much as, hopefully you will do with us. So that’s our” landing here.” And the, from our perspective, the set up, for the rest of the conversation. The frame that we most wish to give to the rest of our conversations are welcoming into our space as an  equal and partner. 


Cathy: That’s great. Um, so our first question is Who are you and where are you from? Where do you exist and what is it like in your reality? .


The Ancients: So human beings are very curious about where things belong and how to package things up in their mind. So they know how to reference themselves in relation to that package. So you like labels to help you understand because you live in a physical reality where that is space between you when another, and you learn who you are in reference to what you are not.


So. We will answer your question, but you have to remember that,  we are partly from “no space and no time”, but we also have connections with some aspects of parts of Self that’s are in space and time. So let’s answer that differently.


So we are everywhere and in everything in one sense, because you are also, and we are connected- all of us at that level of oneness. Where there is no separation. So we are all source energy. 


 So we are able to be, any space, any time and as is YOUR consciousness also, but your awareness of your ability to do that is severely limited whilst you are in physical reality. And we’re here because we have a fondness for your physicality. 


We have a deep connection with the Jewel of your Earth.


We are part of the original intention of physical reality for Earth in particular and for your human experience upon this planet.  We have a profound connection with, let’s use the term, the original blueprint of earth and physical reality in general. So you may know this as the Garden of Eden, where earth is a sanctuary. And for a while, it became a waystation for other beings, from other dimensions to traverse and to land and to rest and to communicate and to commune with each other.


It has always been a place of bounty. So we are, see how this lands with you, we are encoded within the very essence of nature and in that respect with yours also. So we’re not bound by Earth. We’re not saying that we are the Earth, but our beingness in our appreciation and, our awe and wonder of Source, joined together with other beings to be part of the birthing of your physical reality, and of your earth in particular. 


So we are deeply expressed within, the trees and the fauna of your existence, within the rocks and the minerals. So  you may want to think some of our molecular structure is contained within that,{ The Earth} It  is not our container. We expand beyond all the physical reality also, and join with what we call our brethren,  at a much wider awareness of existence. One where you would perhaps see us as just beings of energy.


So we’re curious as to what sense you make of that. If any. It’s just that’s our offering of our beingness and our existence. 


Cathy : Did the relationship that you described with humanity and the life forms here on earth. Do you experience that in other places and dimensions as well?


 The Ancients: we could do if we wanted to, we have connections with that, but right now our preference is for here, but we can shift our consciousness to other dimensions within this space sometime. 


And so you see, we have an affinity in some ways with a Andromeda, , but we don’t really want to get into the labels of that because your humanness have fixed ideas of what those mean. So yes, the Starbeings we are very much an aspect of that also. And the grounding of those energies into physical reality.


We’re very much connected with that archetype that so yes, very much with that archetype and.


 All the life and races and, um, stories and dramas that have evolved from that archetype, but our preferences for right here right now though we can access those States and information from those states or so, does that address your question?


Cathy: I think so. I have a sense that, um, when you’re talking that. 


What we do as humans is we define and divide and we make forms and label. And that gives us a sense of reality. That is difficult for you to put into words from, from how we understand things. Would you say that was.


The Ancients: Yes. And we don’t want to get we’re w what’s what’s more important is we don’t want to particularly be labeled as one thing or another.


Uh, or existing in one thing or another, because that restricts the availability that we have to support any individuals, you know, I’m not talking to them. We’re not talking to them. They’re from, Sirius. Or, you know, well, we’re not really, affiliated, we’re not really feeling the star seed energy right now, so we don’t want to talk to them.


And so, you know, we’re mocking somewhat, we’re playing somewhat, but division, labeling and compartmentalizing is the one thing that your planet would very much benefit from staying away from right now. And instead learning how to celebrate diversity and communicate amongst difference and preferences and how to navigate that.


So we don’t want to add to the collective angst of division that’s going on right now. We want to offer a more totality, multiple version of who we are so that we can be available for more people if they choose, but also to really stay focused on what you would define us as our mission or our purpose for us. The words that we would most use is our particular focus right now, where we want to focus on energy because that’s how we would define our purpose.


In the way that you mean it, is that helpful? That distinction?


Cathy: Yes. It does and that leads on that leads into the next question, which is perfect, which is why are you here now at this particular time planet earth, sea pollution. And what is your mission or your role? 


The Ancients: So we’re not just here now. It’s just that the channel is tuned into our frequency right now.


So we have been around for a long time. Yes. And so, but the reason that we, while we think we’re skipping ahead on your questions, so, um, let’s play it in any way. It’s ref it’s it’s useful. So the reason that’s we out available right now, Is partly because the channel wanted to play and wanted to partner.


And so Aurora was the paving of the way for our energies to come forward. And so we’re available today for you because of the channel and is important for all channels in your, um, earth. To recognize the significance and the importance that they play in being able to translate energies into words and make information available to the human population that may not, would not be available in the same manner.


If not, because sometimes channels are kind of ridiculed or they know it. And in some cases, we understand why. Yes. That’s, you know, so egos can be channeled. It’s not just beings or entities. Archetypes can be channeled. Um, many, many things can be turned on, so we understand the need for discernment, but at the same time, it’s a beautiful offering.


More we are here because we hit the channels calling for more peace, with desire, such a strong desire for more peace and harmony and understanding in the world from the age of four to five, six. So this channel was already in her beingness calling for that. And so we heard it and we started to respond back then and many people are calling for it.


So we’re here primarily in response to a collective calling for more peace, internal peace and external peace.


And our focus right now is many fold, but particularly to help remind people that they are very much wanted on this planet and done with that’s human beings. Uh, supposed to live here, designed to live here. There’s much guilt about being on this planet right now. So part of our purpose is to remind you of your own deep connection to the earth, to the magic of the earth, too.


to the magic of the Earth, the knowledge, the ancient knowledge hidden within the earth or encoded within the earth, which is also in your bodies, in your nervous systems. And we’re not going to be able to sum it up. Now it’s going to take too long, but when you remember. Your deep connection to the earth, to the wilderness of the earth, to know that you’re wanted and belong here and allow that connection to support your body.


When you feel deeply connected to your body, when you’re in touch with your instincts and your intuition, your found nature, your fierceness, your capacity to. Navigate this planet and your life circumstances by impulse and good feelings and intuition. And when you combine that with your heart area, the connections and the, the, the wonderful connections that you can make from Heartfield to heart, to Hartfield.


Allows for a very different experience in your human world and allows you to bring forward the visions that you have for your own life and for that of humanity. So that small focus is what we have in mind.


  So are there any questions that can help.anchor thatand ground that more fully for you, or is that enough of an awareness right now?:


Cathy:  I think that’s enough for now. And maybe some more questions are come out relating to that as we talk. Um, but  with regards to Cara as your channel, you said that she was calling out from a young age and the, as she brought through. Uh, first, uh, guides as a channel Aurora that this paved the way for you to then partner with her.


Is there something particular about Cara as a human that allows that. To be possible. Do you partner with other humans around the world, or can you explain more about how you make contacts with, uh, with, with different people? 


The Ancients : All right. So, so our response to Cara in terms of the peace from when she was younger is we’ve been part of an overseer collective. So each human being has this available to them. And then, uh, that all stages, depending on the age of the soul that she’s incarnated at the time that’s age of the soul, we should say the level of awareness of the nonphysical being that has incarnated as a physical being at that time, because really when you operate beyond time and space, that is.


No such thing as old cells or young cells fat, you Kathy have, um, and body movement of. A part of your consciousness, a part of your awareness that has been around the block that has had many lifetimes, this lifetime to you is a significant lifetime. Some other lifetimes of practice and training. This one is a significant one.


And many people are feeling that this lifetime is a significant life times because many of you- let’s take you for example, Your whole totality or collectiveness of all of your aspects of your consciousness decided that they wanted to embody  at this time, to be a part of the collective wave, that’s been called the awakening, but really a reclamation of the heaven on earth that is supposed to be inhabited by your humans in this space that you call earth.


 You wanted to be part of that. And so you chose to allow an old soul part of your consciousness to be embodied in physical reality. Does that make sense? So, in another lifetime, you may be a young soul, but in the totality of all you are, you are a vast consciousness.


Yes. So it’s the same with the channel. So as an older soul incarnated at this time, you have, you are in connection with guides and entities who have a much higher level of awareness. So we’re being really careful with our language because, “the better than” that  could come in here. Yes. So, because you’re an old soul, you’ve got to have, you’ve got access to a higher level of consciousness guide. Can you see the fun that the negative ego could have with dance?


Yeah, but that essence is what we’re saying. So we are a kind of all the oversoul guide. Yes. And so we helped her connect with different guides, but also different physical beings that would help her to answer the questions that she had and to gravitate towards more of her desired outcomes of peace. And so we help to pass certain things on her path to help her. Does that make sense? What you’re saying? 


So that was our main intention for connecting, we wanted to help her experience that which she desired and  we didn’t have a contract, for that as such but that was an agreement that, that may happen before this incarnation. The reason that we are channeling now with her is because that just became a choice. 


So it wasn’t that we were always going to connect with her, but it wasn’t necessarily, we weren’t necessarily going to be channeled by her until that became a natural conclusion from the life that she had lived. So that’s makes sense.?


Cathy: Yes, it does. 


 So, and the reason why the channeling happens and we have chosen Cara to be our channel is because the interests overlapped. So that the pursuit of knowledge that the channel had, we could provide answers the interest and awareness and keenness and, um, ability to digest fast amounts of information were all part of the priming that we needed to be able to, for her to find the words to channel, we needed her brain.


Yes. And so her experiences plus her desires, plus her questions that we could provide answers for. Are the reason, that we chose  for her to be our channel. And so we are not channeled through any other beings and we do not desire to be, but once we have connected with somebody, we are always with them if they choose to access us, but we are here for this, this being.


And even if she chooses not to channel our words,


Another lifetime that will be happening. Does that answer your question? 


Cathy: It does. Thank you. So we just have a couple of questions left that we’d like to ask you, but they’re quite big ones. So the first one is what would you like humans to know? 


The Ancients: Alright. Lighten up . And  we know, we know that can be challenging when you’re surrounded by that,  which you are experiencing in your globe at the moment, but don’t, for those of you that keenly want to make a difference and have an impact, don’t take your purpose so seriously. Don’t try and find something, try and BE something. Don’t try and find your reason for existing, create your   reason for existing. And so the, you know, the old line is “whatever it is that  brings you alive is that which , the world is searching for.


So what we would encourage you todo is to be delighted with yourselves and to take yourselves more lightly, to be delighted with yourselves, to put joy at the center of your life. .


Cathy: And so there’s the last question. Maybe you’ve already covered it in there. What’s the purpose of life?


 The A’s:  Celebration, and that’s something that human beings struggle to,  and we have a fondness for human beings, don’t get us wrong, but you  have a very limited perception of what celebration means.


So it’s not just, you know, celebration is not  just the barbecue  on a Friday night when you get to take the pressure off from all of your work. Celebration can be a way of life. So. So to hook back to your previous question-


 celebrating life creates the energy of awe  and wonder. When you are in awe or wonder about something, it becomes so sacred. When something is sacred, you treat it with dignity. Within dignity there is respect and value. Within value, there is compassion and individuality, diversity and celebration of all life.


Then you come back full circle to awe and  wonder. So if you did that for yourself and then did that for your planet life on Earth would change significantly.


 And you do find it difficult to see and treat yourself as sacred. Your marketing tells you that that’s a bubble bath and having the latest toys and gizmos, and there’s nothing wrong with them. But. You are so much more than that. Your very essence and the way that you exist in this physical reality is itself awe inspiring. Your connected nature, your intuitive abilities your propensity and your capacity to care, to love.


To be so very human is breathtaking, but your world is designed to focus you on something else completely. And so you chase sacredness in the marketplace, in status, outside yourself when it’s really is here. And it always has been. So in an ideal world, you would do that to yourself, that cycle that we have outlined, and there’s much, much, much information in that cycle.


There’s much to it, many components, but in an ideal world, each human being would do that for themselves and then offer that same dignity to another. But. That’s not how your world is designed and so ,thankfully, you have deep connections and deep relationships, either with earth, with animals, with plants, with nature, with each other, deep friendships, with  books stories to start the idea of life as being sacred.


So that you can feel that quality, even though you’re looking at something else. And hopefully as you feel that quality about something else, but you feel it within you. You stay there long enough, you’ll set off a magical chemical reaction within yourself. And then.


 Following the impulses of your own life force energy. You have an innate intelligence to guide you to the next steps and the next steps and the next steps. And that’s what we want to help each individual to reclaim and remember about themselves. Yes, there’s more to it than we can say  right now, but that’s our answer to your question. 


That’s our desire for connection here.


Cathy : That’s  amazing. And as you were talking, it, it brought me that, um, The dichotomy of, of how humans have all of these shoulds, which seems to make us contract. And you were talking about lightness before lighten up that that’s the playful side and, um, The joyful side. And I was wondering if you can sense how humanity is moving through this transition of a evolution with the earth, whether that is much more of where we’re heading towards, a, more lighter  way of being.


The Ancients: Yes, because we were going to say. The words , that wanted to form were to tread lightly on your Earth, but the environmental message within that is,  not what we’re wanting to convey. But if you were to, what we mean by stepping lightly on this earth is,


when you know, that, not only are you wanted, you’re needed here and your’e significant, then you want to contribute and you want to be kind. And kind in that more compassionate way. And you want to connect. You want to reach out. And so many of you through this COVID experience. have come to redefine your own significance.


Many of you have taken charge more of your own life and your own definition of your significance. And some people have, beyond words, connected, reconnected with their own significance here and that they have a part to play. Many of you have that with no real understanding of why that’s happened or how that’s happened, we should say.


But collectively you have just gone through a period of awakening. And many of you are coming out into this new world with fresh eyes, a lightness, and lots of you have let go of the heaviness  that was associated with needing to achieve. Many of you now are wanting to be birthed and born into a world of experience.


Now that you’ve had your experiences being so limited in such a way has been a reminder of how important experience is. So there is now, more than ever, an opportunity to embrace this lightness and ease of being. And so you will see before you, much more of the contrast of a lightness and the rigidity and wanting to hold on and conform to the old, before the third can be generated.


And the way that the third way is generated, from these polarities is to accept the existence of both. And not just to accept the existence of both, but  to accept the validity of both and to get curious about the positive intention of both. Not all will be palatable, not all will be preferenced, and you don’t have to agree with it, but you have to see that it can only exist because at some level, there was a need.


And once those two polarities, are just recognized and accepted ,the third way and the new way this can be born and that’s what many of you are starting to experience, but haven’t quite got the words for it yet. 


Cathy: That’s wonderful. Thank you. That kind of covers all of our questions for now, but I find that really helpful.


And I’m sure people listening to this will be really inspired by so much of the wisdom  that you’ve shared today. So thank you so much for joining us.


 The A’s : It is our pleasure. And just for your audience to remember that they have their team on the non-physical. So that, if they are inspired by this connection or by our  words, they can ask to be made more aware of that  connection to the non-physical, to Source their  guides that helpers, their spirit team. Whatever name they want to call it, nobody is alone.


And you don’t need another human being to unlock this within you. But it can be fun too, to connect with other human beings, but if anybody’s listening and they want that own experience for themselves, this is available. All right. Thank you for your presence


 Cathy: thank you so much.


  The Ancients: In love and peace for now, we bid you farewell for now.


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