Today’s blog is quite long. I wanted to share with you the decisions I made after reflecting on a channeled piece The Ancients called A New Joy. (above quote is from the piece). It came about after I considered who and what I wanted at my own “Campfire of Commitment” that The A’s talk about.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent quite a lot of my time talking to The Ancients about the new world we currently find ourselves in. What’s possible for my own family and my larger family of human beings across the globe.

Just what could we create? What bold vision could I focus upon for my own future and that of our globe?

And personally, I’ve gently and boldly landed on my vision of Utopia. There’s little doubt in my mind that we are in a shift, perhaps the shift that many of us have been talking about for years.

We are on the cusp of re-creating our world. I can feel it in my bones. Like many others I’ve been talking to, I feel like I was born for this time. Though I never saw this coming, wasn’t prepared and have been shocked and grief-struck at times, it doesn’t surprise me that I am part of something like this in my lifetime.

In many ways, we are in the best place in our history for being able to handle this time of transformation. All the discoveries and knowledge in the fields of trauma recovery, positive psychology, evolutionary psychology, energy psychology, epigenetics, nutrition and more…I have no doubt that this is going to be a very bumpy ride at times and I don’t take anything for granted in terms of my family and loved one’s health and wellbeing….but my heart tells me that “we’ve got this”

It is my deepest desire that my work and my business support the leaders in this new future, mainly empaths and sensitives who wish to cultivate a new bold vision for their work, their purpose and to work with the qualities that the A’s talk about in the channeling I am sharing with you today.

Most of them will have a body of work they wish to gift to the world, something that comes through and from them. The form will be varied, but for all of them, the form will be an expression of their ability to deeply embody their message.

Sometimes we call this our purpose, our mission, our Soul gift.

We were Source’s next best thought because our uniqueness was called forth by the world.

Energetically the world said, “we need [insert a solution for a current problem] and Source said “oh you’ll need a [insert your name] for that.

Your purpose is divine maths 😉 and perhaps the hardest truth to grasp is that our purpose will call us to dive deeply and fully into self-love.

Today I want to leave you with the piece of channeling that most impacted me, that cause the most self-reflection in my consideration of the vision I am aligning myself with. It’s from a piece that The Ancients called A New Joy.

I spontaneously channeled it just a few months ago. At the time it had a flavour I thought was curious and it felt “channeled out of its time” that’s the only way I can describe it. I now believe that it came through to ready me for this time.

I offer it to you today so you might start to reflect on your own “new joy” and if you haven’t already, to reflect on your own new bold vision for your future, perhaps the future of our beautiful planet and our wonderful human family.

And if today’s not the day to that, that’s okay too. All is welcome in the field of unconditional love.

You are a beautiful beacon of light, of love with a gift our world needs right now.

Here’s The Ancients

“It is with Joy and appreciation that we connect with you. We come to you with a sense of wonderful celebration for our relationship together. One that we can hopefully connect with you energetic, so that to we may become one of your unseen friends.

One of your partners as you co-create with reality, to establish in your world, a new world of inspiration, of creative solutions flowing in for both your life and for that of your globe, that of your planet, and for that of your humanity, of your animal kingdom, of your mineral kingdom

come and gather with us around the campfire of commitment in the unseen realm. (Cara- something about the way they said this made me heart expand)

Where we gather, Love is the centerpiece of all communication. Aliveness and enthusiasm flows.

The focus is on allowing solutions to flow in, rather than blame for what has been created. But always reaching, always striving for co-operation and commitment.

Striving may seem like an unusual word, a word that’s perhaps out of place in your current understanding of the law of attraction. But we want to introduce to you the idea of something that’s not beyond the law of attraction, but works within that, where you can begin to command your reality.

Where you command and demand. Where you settle for nothing less, than the very best. That you will connect with only those who also work with these qualities in mind, it’s not elitism, though it can be used that way.​

With these intentions, the form can begin to be built in your physical reality. You begin to ignite the field of potential so that the form can begin to be built in physical reality.

Ignite the field of potential for it lies dormant unless you choose to illuminate it.

So how do you iluminate the field in front of you? Use the energy of hope to take you beyond belief, where all is possible. You are being called now to live beyond belief, live beyond what you believe is possible.

How do you do that?

The way to begin to do that, and what we want to touch within you today and to spark within you today. The way to live beyond belief and to ignite the field of potential so that new form, that you can’t begin to imagine yet, but so that new form can beging to materialise is through the power of Joy.

We have been encouraging the channel to see everything through the eyes of joy this week. And we knew that what life was going to bring her, would create challenges of being able to see it with the eyes of joy. And we knew that she would get a little angry with us, and she did because in some moments she was just “where the hell am I going to find the joy right now?”

But when she asked the question, where is the joy? Sometimes it was in the spark of colour in her child’s eye. In the majestic nature of the the clouds above her. In the sweet smells of the hyacinths in full bloom in the supermarket and the more she looked, the more she found her Joy.

For you it may be something different, but where are your slivers of Joy today and the next, and the next? Where are you choosing to focus? What slivers could you allow in and give permission to gather momentum in your life?

It is our promise to you that Joy always connects your to your Now, and your Now (when you are truly present) always gifts you Joy.

And more…..who and what qualities to you invite to your campfire of commitment?

In Love


PS. If you want to connect with The Ancients about your own vision, purpose or next steps you can do so here.

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