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This weekend was glorious over in the UK, it’s Cornwall at it’s best – family beach BBQ’s, volleyball in the ocean and…..beach body shame triggers GALORE 😉 Ample opportunity for me to deepen and deepen in self-love, appreciation and healing from toxic societal conditioning.

The journey of Joy is full of opportunities to release people pleasing and approval seeking behaviours…and even thoughts! 

I think that was one of my biggest breakthroughs in my own personal journey of living authentically, with meaning and purpose and it’s something The Ancients speak to in today’s Love Note message.

When we can allow what is present within us to simply exist, without judging or criticising, we can deepen our self-awareness, our capacity of self-acceptance. We become our own best friend, not in a glib way, but in a truly powerful way that allows us to fully live life on our own terms….

self-awareness is crucial for joy, satisfaction and meaning. 

Self-acceptance is crucial for executing your Soul purpose

And it can be elusive and difficult. So I invite you to be with these questions and just notice what arises within you and your reaction. Be kind, be gentle and be ruthlessly honest. Just allow yourself to free flow around them, you might be surprised by some aspects of you.


How do you feel about your anger?

How do you feel about your happiness?

How do you view sadness? 

What is disgust like for you?


There are many more states and emotions but they tend to be the ones I see clients react to most strongly.  

And our “job” is to build our capacity for experiencing all of those emotions without judging them, but getting curious about them. And then also not shaming ourselves for judging ourselves!! 😀 (that tricky ego!, God love it!)

If you feel inspired, I’d love for you to leave a comment below and share what state or emotion you find the hardest, which is the easiest for you? Or hop over to the facebook group and share there.


In Love


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