I’ve been asking The A’s this week to teach me more about manifesting.

I tend to stay away from sharing my ideas, thoughts and techniques on manifesting because I don’t resonate with some of what I see in my industry around manifesting more “stuff”.

I’m also not very driven with desires to just manifest more stuff myself, so I’d be rubbish at teaching it. When I’ve been working with The A’s this past year, the focus has been more on healing my own personal grief and developing my skills as a channel and healer.

But this week it’s felt right to lean into the whole area with them more. So I’ll be sharing what I discover and their teachings with you as it feels right – or rather, as it seems like I have something useful to share with you.

Here are The A’s

“If you live in a universe governed by the principles of unconditional love, a yes to everything that you desire for yourself, how do you know what to focus upon to next?

If everything is answered with a yes, if unity consciousness rises above the ideas of right and wrong, of judgments; What components of yourself do you use to navigate your life and choices?

If your thoughts are mostly habitual reactions to past programming, or if you become mindful and take the time to really choose your thoughts, then how do you know which ones to chose? Which part of your system is best placed to navigate choices and decisions that would bring you the most joy, the most meaning, the richest of lives?

Your mind?
the instinctive response of your nervous system?


You are a being of Love and so the system and field that best directs your life is your heart field. 

Your heart knows the truth of who you are at any given moment. Your heart is the navigator of your “best life”

When you consider the next manifestation for yourself, what you would like to see show up in your reality we would encourage you to always start with your hearts desires.

To know yourself is the highest form of wisdom and yet it can be the hardest exercise to give yourself time for.

In your society you are not encouraged to take time out to question what is your best life, your hearts desire for yourself, your loved ones, the globe and your society as a whole.

In fact, we would suggest that there are many elements of your society that are invested in the opposite, that they do not want you to question the status quo or discover for yourself that you are much more powerful than they would have you believe. But you can transcend all of this once you know your true creative power and that is why we are here right now to illuminate this for you.

For this week, take time to ask what is your heart’s desire right now?

Take time out of your normal schedule, maybe getting up an extra 30 mins early, 10 minutes is enough. Or maybe at the end of the say but SLOW down. First take time to let your body know that it is safe. When you are stressed on a regular basis, your animal self, parts of your nervous system, feel very unsafe and it can be hard to relax.

Aim for good enough not perfect, so maybe get warm and cosy under a duvet, in a bath or maybe you feel safest when you are walking.

Then focus your attention inside, to your heart. Call Love to be present and ask:

What is my heart’s desire right now?

Then let images flow, ideas flow, capture them on paper if you can. Don’t judge. Sometimes you can dismiss your heart as it seems frivolous, silly or not important when you are used to living from your mind or a state of stress.

What would Love invite into your life right now?

It could be a connection, a solution to a particular problem, a new place to live, travel and excitement, something completely different.

Get used to asking this part of yourself what it wants. Manifestations are easier when the heart is in charge for you are working WITH the flow of the universe.

If you were courageous enough to ask yourself – what would your heartfelt desire be for you?

In love and peace
The Ancients.

I’ll check in with you, as usual on Friday (if you are on the list you will automatically here from me). If you want to share what you discover about your heart’s desire, do let me know. I’d love to hear.

in Love

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