This is how The Ancients greeted me before I’d even opened my eyes! (I know, I’m lucky!!)

And it got me thinking? – which was clearly their point!


What if that was our first thought every single morning?

What could we create together?

And, it’s okay if that’s not your first thought, clearly….but what if it was? 😉 And what if we just paid attention to the first thought we had?

What are we paying attention to as soon as we come back to physical reality each morning? What a powerful question.  

Here’s an excerpt from a piece of channeling that came after many empaths reached out to me about the pain they were seeing in the world

The part I’ve selected to share with you today focuses more on your own personal reality, rather than responding to mass consciousness.

I’ve completed the exercise they suggest, paying close attention to thoughts for a short period of time. It’s powerful and potentially transformational.

It’s become a regular practice of mine now.

As soon as I noticed a thought that harmed me in ANY WAY, thoughts that, perpetuated guilt, self-criticism, limited my experience of physical reality, took me away from the self-perception of the loving being I am, or took me away from what I wanted to create in my life. I stopped, got compassionately curious about underlying beliefs that could be generating the thoughts and used the tools at my disposal to change those beliefs right there and then.

Some changed more easily than others, but I am serious about this work, my reality counts on it 😉

It can be hard to remember that action is our last resource as the A’s say, that the inner work is where all the real action is at 😉


I invite you to pay minute attention to yourself today, this week and notice where your thoughts and beliefs are taking you. I’d LOVE to know what you discovered.

Here’s The Ancients.

“What do you want to add to mass consciousness today? To your own consciousness, your own reality?

There is already in existence a plane of plenty. 
Create your own pathway to the plane of plenty by creating the thoughts that you want to experience.

Are you going to live in your creative power?

Are you going to remember who you are?

And it is all right when you don’t, but it is important that you do. You are in charge of your life, you have the power you need to create the changes that you wish to experience in your own life. How are you using your creative force or thought today?

You don’t have to plan the big things, choose your responses moment by moment, try this experiment: for an hour, for an hour of your life, choose, in minute detail, how you respond.

What are your thoughts? We bet that your thoughts are constantly creating the same reality. Are you responding to the people around you with a sense of fear, guilt, loneliness, or from a sense of love, connection, good cheer, hope, faith, seeing the beauty?

More importantly, are you responding to yourself with a sense of love, connection, faith, hope….are you seeing your own beauty?

See the beauty all around you, even in the moments of despair there is always beauty. When that despair is looked upon with the eyes of compassion, kindness and love – try it for an hour, just be aware of what you are adding to your field.

When we give this to you because we love you — with a capital L — and we know you and the truth of who you are, your creative capacities and abilities. And we came here to remind you of that and to remind you we will, even if you throw your rattle at us from the pushchair from time-to-time, remind you we will because we love you”

The Ancients.

In Love


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