As my eyes opened to the day, a form stood at the bottom of my bed, a messenger from Spirit.

Hand held out towards me, they said

“Come, let’s dance into the delight of the day!”

My resistance told them “I just want to sleep, I’m so tired” And I felt grumpy 😉

But they held their invitation playfully and without attachment, allowing me to slip more easily into the response, “why not??!!”

Spirit is always inviting us into a deeper experience of joy, of bliss, to remember that we create it all.

I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s easier than others to start the day with this awareness!

Sometimes I might want to throw a non-physical shoe towards that non-physical being and tell them all my reasons as to why I couldn’t possibly – DANCE INTO THIS  DAMN DAY!!

I see and hear spirit quite easily, so you’d think I’d got this whole following the guidance down 😉

I’m also stubborn. Like you, I have resistance.  So over the years, I’ve developed a blueprint for following invitations like this weeks Love Note

Remember and live (to the best of your ability) the true core beliefs for humanity (not the conditioned ones)

We are good.
We are worthy.
We are deeply Loved.

Without these core beliefs we may believe we have to earn our worthiness, earn approval and our deserving.

Feel your way into the flow

Our family has an unconventional life and some of our mornings are spent discussing what we need in order to find our flow.

The morning I heard this invitation and resisted – all I had to do was decide to get over myself. Get over the parts who were in resistance and choose to delight in my day.

Sometimes my daughter decides to do the same. This morning after a while of complaining and feeling lost – she came into my office and said.
“I’ve decided to greet my day with enthusiasm and a happy attitude and I feel really great”

She went on to play the piano, fly her drone and do some art.
Somedays she won’t and that’s fine too (I remind myself!). All choice

Here’s some other ideas:

  • Take a moment before you get out of bed to find 3 tiny things you are grateful for. Genuinely grateful for. Anything.
  • Refuse to get out of bed until you find one loving thought about yourself.
  • Start your day with something that excites you, up lifts you, inspires you. No shoulds.

I would never start my day with yoga. That might change but it’s not my bag right now.

I’m deeply spiritual and sometimes I’m excited to read a business blog post I’ve come across, sometimes I carve out a spare slot in the morning to watch Netflix. Mostly I journal, read and connect with The A’s.

Only you know how you really feel. Only you know what truly feels inspiring, exciting over avoiding and numbing out. And it might take some experimenting.

But once you truly start to know that life can be joyful, with meaning and purpose. That Source, your soul, the universe wants to support your joy then you can more easily trust your joyful and loving impulses and act on them.

Why not experiment this week?

If you are recovering from strong patterns of duty and self-sacrifice then you’ll probably rebel for a while and do activities that are exciting but perhaps not expressions of your truest joy.

And that’s alright too. It’s part of the journey to deep authenticity.

Fill your days with experiences that you enjoy, truly enjoy. Make THOSE a priority. You might still have responsibilities and tasks that call your attention and still feel like shoulds. But the more you can fill the gaps in your day with things that you GENUINELY enjoy, things that allow you to rest deeper into what makes you uniquely you, then the easier your life beings to shift into the direction you desire.

For me, that’s spending as much time as possible in wild and untamed nature, in stone circles. Reading books that nourish me. Connecting with friends who make me laugh and help me reconnect to my source within.
Sometimes a romance novel, conversations with my kids about how they are going to change the world. Eating out.

How about you?

How do you want to respond to the invitation to Dance into the delight of the day?

What moves your spirit and stirs your Soul?

And if you don’t want to accept the invitation, but instead pull the duvet cover over your head, then that’s okay too.

All is well.

Just make sure your duvet lands softly on your head and holds you warm in it’s embrace because

You are good
You are worthy
You are Loved.

In Love



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