Hey there,

Have you ever struggled to create a spiritual practice?

As you’re probably a healer, therapist or coach I doubt very much that it’s the creation of a spiritual practice that you struggle with.

I bet you have a gazillion ideas for a spiritual practice (and one that will sort all of your life out too right?!!)

And if you are anything like me, you do it for a while and then

It’s not the creation you tend to struggle with, its sticking WITH the practice that can be hard.

Maybe you tell yourself that you “should” meditate, especially first thing in a morning, especially if you  are seen professionally as a spiritual teacher, mentor or healer. Oh.The.Shame. Right?

We all know that connection is important and I bet you ALWAYS connect with higher beings or Source energy before a client session.

But why is it so hard to do for ourselves sometimes?

And, I really want you to hear this. It’s really okay that you don’t always start your morning with a spiritual practice, or even know what that looks like.

No spiritual shame please 😀 

But saying all that, I know that a lot of you truly want to develop a morning ritual. But how to do that when your to do list is so long and you have many demands on your time?

What’s a modern mystic suppose to do?

When this message came through from a recent channeling session, it changed everything for me! 

Your Now is your point of connection with the physical reality that you are creating. Moment by moment. 

And why is that so important? What does it have to do with a morning spiritual practice? I bet you can see where I’m going with this.

The Ancients were addressing the fact that, at any given moment, there can be one of many “parts” of us in charge of our decisions, behaviours and thoughts ie our creative process. 

Some of these parts can be 5 years old, some teenagers, some much older. All with unmet needs. And all of these parts have a creative capacity.

That is. Accourding to The A’s, they can all manifest a reality for us. 

That made me really pay attention.

Who do I want to be starting my day?
My rebellious inner teenager who is still “acting out” and “kicking off against society?”

Well ,yeah sometimes I do 😉 But I want that rebelious nature and energy to be informing me of my individuality, my authenticity.

I want my Soul, my higher self to be the one that starts the creation of my day.

It’s important that we don’t ignore those other inner selves but they don’t get to be in charge of the ship! 

And, a word to the wise. In a world where we are trained and conditioned to seek external methods for creating our state – sugar, shopping, alcohol to name a few – then wouldn’t any maverick kick THAT conditioning and instead turn inwards to Source for the ultimate creative state?

The ultimate revolution!

If each of your inner selves can manifest your reality, I invite you to ask yourself. 

Who do I want to be in charge of my day? 

Or, if you are an NLP fan. 

State first. Behaviour last. 

 As we start our day being connected to our Soul, our higher self or Source energy….everthing flows from this state.

Our thoughts, our inspiration, our impluses and creative urges. 

Even the guides that we reneveous with, the people, events and circumstances that we connect with throughout our day. 

It’s that important. 

I don’t know about you, but I want Source and my Soul to be in charge of my day. I want my relationship with authentic self to be my source of nourishment as I go through my day. 

For me, this means sitting in channeling state for 5-10 mins first thing and allowing The A’s to help me connect at this level. 

So, over to you. What would your spiritual connection and practice look like first thing? 

If you are creating your reality anyway, which you are, then create from the creme de la creme

In Love

PS. If you want support to connect with the creme de la creme of guides for you, you might want to look at my Channeling your Guide online course. 

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