Hey Love Noters,

Short and sharp, here’s the guidance from The Ancients this week.


This actually came through for me a few weeks ago and I’ll share how I’ve been playing with it.

It’s a back to basics kind of message.

Thoughts are an essential component to reality creation theory and whilst I’m a big fan of healing “from the bottom up”  – that is body first, mind follows – I also recognise the power of this advice.

This came through when I was contemplating what I was capable of and making some decisions about work and relationships.

The A’s caught me. I needed to think better thoughts about myself.

When I’ve been playing with this. I’ve been asking The A’s ;

“what is the better thought right now?” ( I like to go straight to the top 😉 )

When I was bored waiting for a bus, the better thought was “Life is an adventure” and that resulted in a free bus ride!

Catch yourself and ask your guides, your higher self, the angels, Source, the bus driver 😉 I don’t care, just ask

“What is the better thought right now?”

It could be around the area of:









And chances are, the higher guidance will be a thought that brings you back to the now in a more “real” way than the story your mind is currently telling.

Leave a comment on the blog post – What is your better thought right now?

In Love


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