Hey Love Noter,

Mondays can be ripe for worry. If anxious thoughts are your usual company, it can feel strange and scary to drop them, to not listen to or pay attention to them. I like what The A’s have said about this today. 

They have given us a different way of listening to those thoughts. Because sometimes it’s not about ignoring them all together, as though they hold no validity. Sometimes there is something we need to pay attention to. Like we are saying to ourselves, “Hey, you need to pay attention to this part of your life, don’t ignore it” Once we take action, we then feel the relief. Worry over. Fear paid attention to in a healthy, empowering way.

But sometimes, those thoughts turn into worry. Obsessive or circular in their nature and really unhelpful. Eventually, it all just feels like noise and that doesn’t serve us. In fact, it just drags us down.

So. I like the ways that The A’s have framed this for us this week.

“Worry is an attempt at control.
Worrying thoughts do not alter the reality that you fear will happen.

Think about that.

If you worry about what will happen will it change what will happen?

you don’t know

but in your worry, you are anticipating an outcome that you do not want to experience and falsely believe that worry will help you to deal with the unwanted future.

it doesn’t

worry just makes you miserable now

but doesn’t it feel like you are dropping responsibility? You aren’t being responsible if you stop worrying. Being carefree is irresponsible.

How insane is that?

How insane your world has become at times and how beautifully you are now trying to unravel yourself from false ideas and concepts that your societies and cultures have created in their attempt to control and dominate. Because that’s what every single dysfunctional aspect of your society is built upon; the desire for control and domination.

You are unraveling yourself and you, especially the empaths amongst you, can feel the fear of the unraveling, the fear of things crumbling….but in the gaps, the gaps in the rubble there are jewels and crystals being revealed to you. The new foundation of society that’s wanting to be birthed.

Ultimately worrying is a largely inept attempt to control the detangling, to avoid surrender, to avoid the guilt that arises in you when you start to disentangle from the usual rules of your society, your tribe.

Worry does nothing but cause you misery in your now whilst trying to control your future.

Worry can become addictive. An attempt to sooth the anxiety you feel about a future you are not in yet.

This week. Even for one minute of each day, If you catch a thought of worry. Stop. Notice this is what you are doing. That’s the hardest part because for many of you it will just feel like your normal.

Worry thoughts have speed, your body and mind race.

If you catch one, if you observe yourself worrying. Decide that you aren’t going to do it. See if the world will implode if you stop worrying for one moment.

Notice that you have been trained to worry, maybe by previous generations, by those around you, by your inner protector.

And decide for just a few moments that you won’t worry.

Instead, come back to focusing on your heart, to your centre where Love is always available. Always there for you. Always.

Come back to love for yourself at that moment.

See if you can have compassion for that part of you that worries.

Ask it gently, what do you need? What is your intention? How are you trying to help me?

reassure it, give it duvets, pillows, a warm bath with your thoughts of reassurance and love that part of yourself as best you can in that moment.

It will want the best for you and those you care about, in its own way.

Let it feel your love and the love of Source, the angels, the divine, All that is….whatever the name, let love be a blanket to your worry and hold yourself warmly.

You are Love

You are Loved

All is Well.

The Ancients

Channeled by Cara Wilde

For those of you on the list, I’ll check in with you on Friday.

In Love

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