Hey everyone.

This week it’s all about expectations. Here’s The Ancients:


“Expectations demonstrate where are you are throwing your consciousness.

Expectations form a future that you’re connecting with.

Expect the very best to happen, because then you’re aligning your consciousness and your will, [so your expanded self and your healthy ego] to the highest outcome that you’re able to achieve right now.

Your expectations do not guarantee a particular result, but they do align your will and your creative consciousness towards your highest possible future in any given timeline”


Here’s my thoughts based on what I experienced as I channeled that.

Expectations set reality.

We’re taught not to set our expectations too high in case we are disappointed. “Don’t expect too much, it’ll hurt, you’ll be devastated if it doesn’t work out.”

It’s an illusion of safety.

We’re taught that if we don’t expect much, we’ll be delighted if things turn out better than we anticipated. But if we set our expectations high, then we will be dashed and disappointed if our expectations don’t materialise.

But what The Ancients showed me is that our 
expectations set our future reality. If we aim low, expect things to go wrong, not work out or to be hard and difficult – then quite often that’s the reality that we will experience

If we aim high, if we expect the very best to happen (whatever that may mean to us at the time) then we “aim’ all of our consciousness in that direction.
 We align our healthy ego (will) and creative consciousness (beliefs, attitudes, choices and decisions) towards that future reality. 

We may not achieve the best that we can imagine, but we do increase the highest possible future available to us.

And have you ever noticed, that when you do expect the very best to happen, even if that very best is not the reality we experience, it doesn’t hurt as much? When we set our expectations low, it’s like living in constant disappointment with life.

And that’s far more devastating.

And “expecting the very best to happen” can be such a personal, intimate experience. No one else’s business but our own. 
Between self and Soul. As all life is. 

I’ve noticed that just asking, 
What’s the very best that can happen here?” can be a journey of self-discovery, of learning what’s important to me, increasing my ability to live a richer life.

And if my expectations aren’t met? It actually 
hurts less than when I set my expectations low.
It’s the aiming high that creates a different journey in the first place.

And I don’t know about you, but for me, the reward is in the journey, not just the destination.

So ask yourself,

Where would it serve me most to lift my expectations of life?

In Love

Cara (and The A’s)

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