“You are not alone”

The Ancients really wanted you to know this today! 

Simple, yet powerful when we fully believe it.

It’s unusual for them to describe on the absence of support by focusing on the words “not alone” but they were pretty clear, those were the words needed.

It’s clearly a message for all of us, but I have a strong feeling that one of us needs to really hear this today.

If that’s you, let it really sink in. You are not alone, Source is there for you,

life is there for you,

the ground right now is there for you. You are supported, you matter,

what you want for yourself and the world


your work


and you are not alone in the fulfilling of your desires, the expression of your work in the world,

you belong in this world,

and you are worthy.

Go into your week knowing that you are not alone,

that life wants to raise up and support you, spirit wants to support you

What new decisions would you make if you truly knew you weren’t alone?

What new qualities would you choose to embody?

Let’s say yes to that together this week. #InITTogether.

In Love 

Cara Wilde


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