This came through for me this morning whilst I was journaling and planning my day.

I channeled for hours on Saturday, with a beautiful soul I get to call a friend. It was high channeling for me, it pushed me as a channel which is where I love to hang out. Not only for the skill development but also for the shifts I know are about to come as a result of being connected to a field of unconditional Love for so long and expanding into wider truths and perspectives.

I channeled on wealth (will be sharing more soon, I have lots of editing to do ;-)) and life purpose, life’s work and the beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about ourselves we need to hold to life our most expansive life. As a channel, as a recipient, you know thats going to create shifts. So as I journaled this morning, I realised I was still pushing, somewhat forcing myself to “achieve my goals.”

I’ve been doing that most of my life, push, push, push. And I didn’t realise until I was ready to stop doing it.

Oh, the irony that after channeling about wealth, I felt the need to drop the push!

You ever have that experience too?

Are you also pushing for wealth or achievement rather than allowing it to happen?

And I realised I’d been focusing on how to stop doing things I no longer wanted to do, rather than including more of what I wanted to be in my life. And as I decided to stop doing that. I heard The A’s say the words that form todays Love Note. And I let go of striving


landed in trust, in delight of life, of feeling held in my solar plexus, held by life and something greater than me.

And I instantly knew that my day was not going to be spent in my office. That I was going to channel, balance for new beliefs and everything else I had planned, not behind my computer, but whilst walking along the ocean. Whilst talking with the Earth and held in the expanding energy of nature. You don’t have to do it alone either, this week.

Lets allow ourselves to be held in love and be held by life and trust that as we focus on what we want to experience, want to achieve that all with be unfolding perfectly. What can you allow for yourself this week?

In Love Cara

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