Hey there,

You maybe well ahead of me in your understanding of what it means to feel cherished. If so, take the quote and run with it this week!

I’m still deepening my relationship with the quality of cherish.

What it means to cherish others, myself and life. And I adore what The A’s are teaching me about how Life is trying to love and cherish me too.

This channeling came after I was reading the work of Julian of Norwich (an anchorite from the middle ages – hello fellow mystic ;-)) who suggested that

“God sees humankind wholly in Love”

and that it’s our self directed wrath that stops us from the self acceptance that would allow us to instead….

” relax gently into Divine Love”

(quotes from Julian of Norwhich by Grace Jantzen).

And how utterly yummy and delicious is that?! I asked the A’s to help me more understand how to live practically from a place of feeling cherished.

  • What does it FEEL like to be cherished?
  • What behaviours would knowing that I am cherished elicit from me?

Here’s a summary of what they conveyed to me. 

“And so you may not know what that feeling, the experience of that quality is like and we would like you to.

 We would like you to start being able to challenge yourself to cherish you, as well as wondering what life would be like if life was beginning to cherish you.

 If we break it down a little, cherished is about being accepted, accepted for who you are right now and then moving into being celebrated for who you are right now. No need for improvement. Being wanted. Being Loved, but being loved wholly, fully and now.

It begins there.

It’s easier to consider the concept if you think of a child born to the mother and father. In an ideal world, the baby is cherished because it is wanted,  there has been space created for it – emotionally, mentally and physically –  because this new life is wanted. 

And it is wanted, exactly how it turns up. It’s qualities evoke a sense of curiosity, fascination and appreciation. It’s quirks are what’s truly valued, rather than the traits which allows it to fit in and blend with the rest.

Differences are cherished because what’s different is what makes it unique. You can see that about a baby.

So, it would be our desire that you begin to see yourself in this way. And even just knowing that you’re allowed to think of your Self in that manner, can feel abohrrent to some people because it feels as though you’re breaking some kind of rule by having so much positive regard for yourself.

But that’s what we would encourage as your next endeavour in your spiritual development for sure.

You are wanted by life and others.  Start there.

  • Do you want you or do you reject you?
  • What parts do you want?
  • What parts do you reject?
  • Can you want the parts that you are rejecting?
  • Or can you at least appreciate the parts that you’re rejecting?

Eventually, we would like you to get to celebrating the parts that you’re rejecting because then it’s easier anyway for things that are not authentic to just drop away”

Over the last few weeks of working with The Ancients around this, I’ve come to realise that if I cherish myself, it allows me to naturally want to offer myself fierce protection

Not protection that pushes life a way. Not a barrier. But protection that offers a container for my self worth. 

A self that’s worthy of respect, dignity, appreciation, celebration, of imperfections. And this leads to….

  • friendships that are soft to land and delicious to play in!
  • work that rewards me
  • more smiles on my face
  • a kinder inner voice
  • more moments of wonder and awe as I look at the world around me
  • a stronger no and a wilder yes.

And sometimes, the energy of cherish lands gently on my neck and kisses me softly, offering whisperings of life’s longings to know me.

And then I head out of the door, smile on my face, eyes wide with anticipation of wonder and magic. 

Life longs to know you,

In Love