“Allow your truth to hold you up and support you this week.”


That was it!! ha

As I walked to download the Love Note, that’s what The Ancients said. So there you go, honour your truth this week and you are good to go 😉 See you later!

Yeah, I had lots of questions too. I’ll share my conversation with The A’s in this blog post. You can hop over to the facebook group if you want to ask more questions or share your own interpretation of this guidance.

Here’s where your Love Note came from this week. I was multitasking 😉 Letting the wind dry my hair!

As I walked with The Ancients and heard their message for us this week, I felt their message in my body too.

“let your truth hold you up”

As they said that I felt my shoulders feel supported and my chest open up. I had a sense of quiet pride that allowed me to feel centred in my truth rather than leaving my centre to convince others of my truth or be swayed by their truth.

Now, I know through my trauma education and my own attempts to regulate my nervous system, that the shoulders are one of the many diaphgram points in our body.

I thought we only had one! The respitory diapragm is the classic one that we all know, but we also have diaphrams in our shoulders too. I haven’t got the space here to talk about them all, but we have diapragms in about six areas of our body, from the top of the head to the bottom of our feet.

In trauma resolution and nervous system regulation fields, the idea is to slowly release the stress and tension that has built up in these areas and create more space, flow and openess.

So, I’ll be playing with that and I thought it was interesting that this is where The Ancients focused my energy of truth. But how does this help you? 😉

Well, outside of working one to one with you, my invitation to you via this blog post format would be to think of The A’s words

Allow you truth to hold you and support you” (with a sense of holding you up). And then notice what part of your body your focus and awareness automatically goes to.

Invite your own guides, angels or higher self to be with you whilst you do it. And let the focus be light. We’re not looking to dive in deep and unearth truths here. Your body knows, just lightly follow your natural, automatic response.

And then see if you can feel self compassion. Read last weeks post if you need a refresher on gentleness, but the idea here is to support yourself by honouring your truth and bringing self compassion and kindness energy into your system.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, really there isn’t. Your system is so, so unique.


And my next question to them was.

How can I tell if I’m simply honouring my truth or being in self-righteous anger?

My intention was to allow my truth to guide me and still be open to learning a new perspective if I needed to. I didn’t want to get stuck or closed down.

The Ancients showed me that a heart centred truth, even if we change our mind in the future is crucial for those of us that are gentle, sensitive and possibly recovering from trauma.

Trusting our instincts is how we keep ourselves safe from abuse and its crucial for those of us who are sensitive and open-hearted. 

And, if we pay attention, we can tell if we are being rigid and self righteous. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in self righteous mode, there comes a need to almost prove myself. There’s a pushing energy to it.

When I’m centred in my own truth, and truly honouring that, I don’t need to prove it, but I can also still stand up for myself. I don’t fight or collapse. I stand. I’m open and curious but still fully supportive of myself.

I that space  a meeting of truths is more possible. An exchange in the spirit of curiosity, if the other was open to it. Or, if that wasn’t going to happen and someone wanted to pull me into a battle, then the quiet pride that come with honouring my truth, would allow me to withdraw and not engage with a person wanting an argument, or wanting to be right over resolutions.

So, I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences with this weeks Love Note. Leave a comment or join the free Facebook group and share <3


In Love

Cara and The Ancients. 

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