Sit and be with me

Let stillness gather you and stand. 
Let us stand in stillness together

Gently let the lid of your eyes cast downwards until the outside world is blocked from your view.

Go inside for a moment, let the outer fall away. Just for a moment, it will be there waiting for you when you return

Focus on the energy of gentleness, let gentleness fall about your shoulders and hold you like a gossamer shawl.

Talk to yourself today with extraordinary kindness. 

Kindness is strength.
Let yourself off the hook.

Forgive yourself for past deeds, whether they were committed last year, the last decade of last night.

Be there to catch yourself, not scald yourself,  as you stumble and fall.

Let the grace of extraordinary kindness open your heart to yourself and to the world today. 

If you are not able to catch yourself today, this week, this year, this eternity
we are here for you.

you will find us in the whispers of Love

just for you, just for you, just for you.

You are loved, 

Let extraordinary kindness be the kiss you give to yourself and your work today. 

If you were to treat yourself with extraordinary kindness today:

What would you focus upon?

What would be your priority this week?

What, if anything would you change?

In Love
The Ancients

Channeled by Cara Wilde

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