Today’s Love Note is in response to a readers question.

The question asked for guidance on the subject of being a carer and in particular when a carer was starting to experience compassion fatigue.

As a mother of children with additional needs, I wanted to know the guidance myself! Also, this is guidance applies to us in a more general sense. As deeply sensitive and empathic people, its all to easy to experience compassion fatigue and feel overwhelmed with all that is happening in our world at times.

Here’s The Ancients

“When to stop? When to know that enough is enough and something is telling you to change direction, do something else? When your heart is saying no more, I cannot bear this anymore. How to know how much to tolerate, when to let go, to give up?

Try not to listen to the voice of despair but instead, rest rest rest. Rest more than your society and culture will allow (you don’t have to tell anyone).


and mostly this won’t be a need for physical rest, but a rest from worry, concern and liberation from doubt and fear.

Rest in Love.

Love for yourself first. Always your relationship with Source first.

Try this:

Whether you be on a train, at home, in bed or sat at a desk.

Close or lower your eyes, just block out the physical realm from your eyes for a moment and turn inwards.

Place your attention on your heart.

Call Source to be with you, Source is always with you, but you need a reminder of that truth. Calling Source to you is a way to remember your connection is eternal and now.

Imagine yourself connecting with the most gentle expressions of Love, gentle in it’s reaching out to you. Imovable in its Love for you.

Powerfully present. Always there. And respectfully awaiting invitation, awaiting allowance of connection.

Love begins to enfold you, you are enough as you are, there is enough, there is more than enough time, resources, energy, inspiration, hope, desire, laughter, creativity, everything in creation, there is more than enough and everything is already here.

Everything, in essence, is already here with you now, everything you’ll ever need, in essence, is already with you.

rest in that, just rest in that a moment

You may sense, you may feel a presence begin to envelop you. Holding you.

Don’t force it. Don’t make it happen. Allow whatever wants to unfold to unfold

let your back be held, be cushioned. Soften into the air around you as it wants to hold you. Be held.

For a while, just for a while. Put your own needs first. You are most likely captain of an entire ship with many things to consider and take care of. Many moving parts that you so desperately want to keep an eye on.

Let them be a moment and stay with us.

Let them be a moment

Let’s look at you. Now that you are more held in the presence of Love, ask yourself.

“What are my needs?”

At first, you may cry (the channel did!) and that is your need. Your first need. To feel, to let energy move through you. To become aware of how you really feel.

If it feels too powerful or you are in a public place with no tissues 😉 then just welcome the emotion for now. Tell that part of yourself that you are here for it, you won’t deny it or push it away and ask it to just sit with you a moment, with you.

And then ask it

What do you need?

And then just listen, don’t judge, just listen

and whatever it says, just thank it.

sometimes it will be something practical, sometimes – and more often than not it will be a quality or essence that will be needed.

You may get many threads and ideas from this wise part of yourself that arises from the question.

What do I need?

But make sure that you are connected to Love first.

You may decide to follow a thread of an idea that you were given, this may turn into something practical that you would like to take action on. More often than not, it starts with an internal shift. Then the action can flow.

Put your needs first for a while. Set a reminder so that throughout your day you sit in your relationship with Love.

That you rest in Love for a while

And then ask, what do I need? What do I need? What do I need in the presence of Love.

And then listen. And then ask that part, what do you need?

and this way, you deepen your connection to your own needs, to hear your own wisdom at that moment, so that you know what action you need to take which will allow for more and more self-love to be present in your life.

And that then becomes your new navigation.

Because sometimes, when you care deeply for others, you cross into someone else’s path and lose yourself for a while.

This process, it is our hope, will help you hear the call of your own path, of your own way and you can rest more easily that Love will take care of everyone, including you. And change can start from there.

Rest, rest, rest in the presence of Love not worry and concern.

In Love and Peace

The Ancients.”

If that resonated with you at all, you might like this channeled piece on how to stay balanced as a sensitive. This is especially good for those times when the world seems to overwhelm you.

In Love


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