Today’s Love Note is a call for all of us who have felt persecution energy and in particular to the healers, witches and edge walkers amongst us.

stone circle picture
I’ve been working on and off with this stone circle for about a year now. Today I needed to charge my lower chakras and to connect deeply with the Earth.

A particular stone called to me (In the west to those of you interested!) and the message flowed. After I channeled the message I cast a circle and worked with the energy of the land directly. I experienced first hand the essence of this message.


I can sum it up with Gloria in excelsis Deo`!

I’ll do my best to put my experience into words later in the blog, in case it’s helpful for you, but I urge you to follow the invitation of this message and invite these ancient energies into your life, even if it doesn’t make rational sense. You never know what magic might flow!

But first, The A’s

Love Note #29 An Ancient Calling.


or listen to the audio here

“Honour your ancestors and all that have come before you. Allow yourself to be held in the comfort of knowing that their fights do not have to be yours. They fought so that you need not to.

Ease is not an insult to the fights of your ancestors, but rather, ease is an honouring of the work that they did in order to carve a pathway of more ease for you and the generations to come.

Your job, your job, is to allow more Joy for all, for everybody.

Those that have been oppressed rise up in joyful celebration of your uniqueness. Proud of your heritage.

Do not allow yourself to be tamed nor shamed into submission.

But nor do you have to fight to prove your worth.

It is time for a most ancient form of magic. 

Time to tap back into the original intentions for your time in physical reality.

A most ancient template of awe, joy and wonder.

Start. Call it to you now,
Silently if you wish, whisper it to the universe and call this ancient Joy into your day, into your life”

The Ancients


After I channeled the message, I had a strong urge to work with the energies of the circle. 

I walked the perimeter of the circle, speaking light language with the intention of creating a protected space outside of this time, outside of this space. Pretty standard magic 😉 I heard straight away Merlin is with you. Merlin is here.

I’m not hugely clued up on Merlin energy but this is Merlin’s cave under the castle at Tintagel and I felt like I had an initiation last year whilst walking through it. And someone told me that Merlin was responsible for closing the stone circles in order for their magic to be protected. So I was intrigued.

I don’t know what you do (please let me know) for inviting the quarters into your work but for me, I’ve always felt drawn the invite the original ancestors of each quarter when I cast my circles since I started casting about 8 years ago.

The East was particularly lively today 😉


I sat in the centre and tuned into the circle and asked “How can I help you today, what do you need from me”

Immediately I “saw” lines of energy coming towards me from the quarters and the individual stones themselves. And what happened next is a bit hard to explain, but I felt and saw sprites. Mainly Fey. They “flew in” and started working with my energy field.

It felt like they were flying all around me “cleaning me up” and “cutting away” everything that wasn’t beneficial for me. I haven’t really experienced anything like that before and it felt energising. But it still had an element of the battle energy that today’s Love Note spoke to.

I started to hear the message again, about ease, about ancient energies and I called that energy in. I sat with the intention of calling the ancient magic, the ancient joy to me. And then it happened.

And this is where I dearly wish I had the capacity for the energy version of smell-a-vision and could share the experience directly to you. But then, that’s a tad arrogant of me because you can have your own experience of it. But for me, after I called this ancient joy into my experience I felt something huge gather above my head. And then it enfolded me and the feeling took my breathe away.

There was so much love, joy, awe, wonder and peace and gentleness all at once together I gasped out loud and started to cry. 

I thought to myself, I know why they say that the angels sang in celebration at the birth of Christ. Now, I’m no practising Christian but I do have vague memories from school assembly of Gloria in Excelsis Deo, the hymn of the angels.

It was Divine.

And it was connected to the ancient joy, the energy of Merlin and all of it was experienced deep in Celtic Cornwall where much of this land wasn’t touched by Christianity. Plus there was the channeled messages reference to persecution energy and reclaiming our right to openly practice as witches, ancient magicians and healers.

I know we can practice openly, that many of us are detangling from patriarchy and capitalism and that we can still feel the pull of the witch trials and the collective memory of persecution. 

This message felt part of that, part of the journey to free ourselves from the grip of fear, power imbalances and injustice that can be present in physical reality and to reclaim our true connection to Christ energy and the bliss that is available to all of us.

I’m stumbling for words and I think that I’ve started a new chapter in my personal spirituality, my own understandings and I find myself waited with bated breath to discover what’s next.

When any of us connect with something that, well mind blowing, that expansive, it changes us. I mean I came home to a kitchen full of lunch pots, this blog post to write, I have a tea to cook and I can hear my kids arguing as I type this. I didn’t come home to a choir of angels doing the pots for me 😉 I don’t think that’s the kind of bliss they meant for me to understand! 😉

However, it’s a navigation point for me now. That’s what channeling and connecting with The A’s or other high level guides gives me. I have experiences that give me new reference points for what’s possible (and you can too). It’s like when you fall in love for the first time. Before that, you just didn’t know those feelings were possible. You have a new reference point and the opportunity to not settle for anything less in the future.

Its like that. And that’s why I go through my life with the belief that Life is supposed to be Joyful becauseI’vee felt it and I know it’s available here.

And still. The pots 😉

Until next time,

In Love

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