Do you ever think that if you could just have more Faith, you’d be able to make the changes you want in your life?

You’ve heard the phrase that faith moves mountains right? Well, me too, and I was thinking about a change I’m wanting to make in my life. If I’m really honest, I’ve been wanting to make it for a really long time.

And it’s thrown me a bit, mainly because when I’ve asked the universe for signs. I haven’t got anything back. And getting signs in physical reality is my superpower!

In fact, I’ve got this……

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

Tumbleweed from the universe. Great. Sigh.

I’ve thought, is it timing? Maybe I just don’t trust the universe enough. Right. I just need more Faith!!

Then, I remembered I don’t have to figure it all on my own and I asked The Ancients about it.

They totally flipped my idea of what Faith means.

They also tell us what the true crucial first step is for creating change and gave me a clue as to the real reason I haven’t received my signs from the universe 😉

Here’s what they said.

“It is the decision that moves mountains.

Making the decision to change, be or do anything in physical reality is the starting point because it shows you that you have Faith.

The decision to move in any direction comes before the knowingness of how everything is going to unfold.

Deciding shows yourself that you have faith in you. You.

You don’t need to show the Universe or Source that you have faith in it, or yourself. Source knows these things to be true and possible for you all the time.

No, the process of deciding is just for you.

It demonstrates to you, your own faith that you will be provided for, your own faith in yourself that you will be able to navigate the coming choices and decisions. Faith in your ability to call support and right circumstances towards you.

When you demonstrate faith in yourself, life can flow to you in new ways.


In Love”

The Ancients

When you think about a change you want to make or a decision you need to make. Ask yourself. Have you truly decided?
Have you made, what I call, a full-bodied decision and choice to do, be or have this thing in your life?

And then watch what happens.

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