Hey Love Noter,

6.30am saw me sipping a strong coffee, laid back on my pillows reading snippets from a spiritual text I’m enjoying.

Quiet before the rest of the crew woke up.

This is my current meditation practice for starting my day.

30 mins of quiet before I went out for my run and returned to the daily routine of breakfast, home ed set up, work for the day.

That’s when The Ancients came in. They do have a habit of slipping into my moments of stillness when they have guidance for me. 😉

Today’s Love Note, as usual, are words from The A’s but they first gave me it as a download which I’ll share with you first. 

Today they entered my meditation space personified. Came to me with a physical form which is so unusual for them.

I saw them as a grandfather type, like an old wise man. An ancient man if you will. Its an archetype of trust and wisdom for me, a trustworthy inner authority. 

I could feel their Light, Love and Wisdom radiating into my energy space and they were pointing in the distance as they guided me in a process to connect with my highest vision and to anchor my energy in such a way that my Soul becomes my guiding authority more easily on a day to day basis.

My process won’t be as meaningful to you as your own, so here’s The Ancients to help you connect with your own inner authority and your own highest path. 

“Who is your authority?

Do you make your inner dreams and desires, your own values and beliefs your authority?

Or the thoughts, ideas, opinions of others, of your culture and society?

We would suggest that you allow your own connection with Source energy, your higher visions and dreams to be your authority.

Become focused like a laser beam towards your vision. 

Even if you are unclear what your vision looks like yet you can ask your heart to give you a symbol of your highest future, see that clearly. Focus upon it daily and in those moments of confusion, of not knowing which path to take, or when you feel like your vision is not possible, call upon this symbol again.

Feel into it energetically, imagine yourself connecting with your symbol at an energy level, anchor yourself to it. See it always in your future, guiding you, giving you feedback to your now. Know that you are connected to your highest future.

Throughout your day, when something seems to want to pull you away from your vision and you can feel the fears and doubts beginning to surface  –

stop for a moment. Don’t react. 

Instead, centre.

See your symbol, tune into it. Feel the clarity that this symbol is giving you. You may not have clarity of thought in that moment enough to make a decision but feel the clarity that you are connected to your highest future, you are on the path of your higher self or your Soul self. 

All is well

You are on your way and you can experience the power and clarity of your highest self in this moment. Right now.

You are exactly where you need to be.”

The Ancients.
Channeled by Cara Wilde

I could really feel the pull of my symbol as I ran today. I quickly started to see what my priorities are, received new ideas for my work, found it easier to stay focused on the thoughts that I wanted to have, thoughts that were helpful. By the time I was cooling down after my run, I was in pure Joy.

Then I came home 😉 

Let’s keep it real here. This is where the real work is right?

On my own, running in wild nature, talking to the A’s – that’s when it feels easy to experience clarity, joy and inner peace. To feel like I’m my own authority, to feel my sovereignty.

Then I came home to breakfasts that needed doing, children whose needs did not fit in with my plan for my work day, demands from others, emails, to do lists that feel never-ending.

And there it is.


I’ll never do this. What was I thinking? 

And stop, tune into my symbol.

Use the guidance in the tough moments (and that’s not always easy to remember right?)

Channeling. Its not about the readings, it’s a way of life. 

All of this takes practice and commitment.

I am stopping throughout my day to connect with the symbol. I know what my vision is. I’ve cultivated a conversation with my heart for a while now, I know what I want to feel like in my every day and I know what I want to focus my tomorrrow’s on.

Using a symbol for that is ease itself.

When I remember to do it. When I care and trust about myself and my vision enough to know that it matters.

I can’t control the world, but I can focus myself at any moment that I become aware. 

It’s not perfectionism, its choice.

Did you feel into a symbol? I’d love to know.
Are you intending to work with it this week and see what happens?

If you are on my list, I’ll check back in with you on Friday to compare notes.

In Love

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